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MCU’s “Blade” Pushed Back Yet Again


The Daywalker’s Return has been Delayed

The MCU’s new Blade movie is a part of Marvel’s phase 5 lineup of films. Originally, the character was played by Wesley Snipes but in 2019 Kevin Feige announced that Mahershala Ali will portray the sunglasses-wearing daywalker as he brings the blood in this “R” rated movie that is set for a late 2025 theatrical release. 

A Plagued Production? 

The MCU’s Blade reboot has been pushed back yet again after already experiencing several setbacks in production. Most recently slated for February 14, 2025, Blade starring Mahershala Ali will now hit movie theaters on November 7, 2025 release date. This is the third time this year that the project has been pushed back, this time by nine months. 

Director Yann Demange has stated that the project will be rated “R”, and will star Mahershala Ali (Moonlight, True Detective) alongside Mia Goth (X, Pearl). 

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Blade was originally supposed to be released on November 3, 2023. Michael Starrbury (When They See Us) has written the most recent draft and Nic Pizzolatto (True Detective) has been recently hired to work on the script. The script has gone through six rewrites with writers Bassam Tariq, Stacy Osei-Kuffour (HBO’s Watchmen), Beau DeMayo (Marvel’s Moon Knight and X-Men ’97), Michael Starrbury (When They See Us), Nic Pizzolato (True Detective), and Michael Green (Logan) all having attempted to pen the script. 

Bassam Tariq was originally supposed to direct but decided to leave the project due to scheduling issues, he is still however an executive producer for the film.

At San Diego Comic-Con 2019, Mahershala Ali came on stage after Kevin Feige announced the new half-human half-vampire slayer dressed in all black. The original Marvel Comics character has not been on the big screen since the release of Blade: Trinity back in 2004. Wesley Snipes dawned the katana and black leather trench from 1998 to 2004 as the original Blade in the original trilogy of films. Since then the character has not been portrayed on screen in a live-action film.

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