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Horror Graphic Novel ‘Adamtine’ to be Adapted to Film

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Everything Known So Far

The next book-to-movie adaptation is now in the works with award-winner Hannah Berry’s graphic novel Adamtine, released in 2012. The rights to the movie adaptation have been acquired by Wiip, a media company known for having a hand in the production of popular TV shows such as Craig Zobel’s Mare of Easttown and Jenny Han’s The Summer I Turned Pretty. Although cinema has been redundant recently with the oversaturation of sequels and adaptations, the story of Adamtine and the team behind the production makes for a promising and exciting new horror movie. 

The Story of Adamtine 

The official synopsis of the graphic novel reads, “All people could do was speculate on the fate of those who vanished—strangers, seemingly random, unconnected—all plucked from their lives and never seen again. The notes found left behind, apparently describing some slender reason for their removal, were all that linked them. They were all delivered by one man. Rodney Moon had admitted seeing those who had disappeared and passed the notes but denied any involvement beyond that. Who wrote the letters, then? Moon shrugged during the trial. “It has no name,” he said. “It’s a bogeyman. A monster.” He was not mourned when the vengeful bereft finally found him. Some years later, four strangers, seemingly random and unconnected, all take the last train home. But something each of them has forgotten—or is trying to forget—is catching up with them, with a terrible, inexorable purpose. The devil is in the details, as they say.” Already, the suspense and tension are translated through the short description of the novel. The atmosphere is set for a horror thriller that should keep viewers glued to the screen, waiting to see how each storyline comes together and what unfolds next. It seems like a simple yet intriguing plot that will definitely grow into something more. The novel has great potential to play around with, especially in terms of visual storytelling once it is moved on screen. Overall, Adamtine does not seem like a bad investment so far.


Who’s Behind The Project?

As previously mentioned, the company Wiip will be handling the production of the movie. Hannah Berry, the writer of the graphic novel, will serve as an executive producer on the project. Giving her great power to see her work come to life visually. Other producers of the movie include Mark Roybal, Paul Lee, and Nate Winslow. Berry herself seems excited about the agreement brokered by Emma Topping of Viv Loves Film and is confident in the choices to bring the movie to the screen. Berry stated to Deadline that Mare of Easttown, a TV show produced by Wiip, is one of her “favorite series of the last ten years,” and that she “could not have asked for a better home” for her graphic novel. She continued to say, “I’m delighted beyond measure, and hugely grateful to Emma Topping for making it happen. I’m very much looking forward to working with Wiip and – in the best possible way – unsettling a lot of people together.”

Mark Roybal, another producer, also added to Berry’s statement, saying “When we were introduced to Hannah’s masterful graphic novel, we discovered that not only was this a beloved cult classic, but it has also been passionately revered by horror aficionados from the moment it was published ten years ago. We are thrilled to partner with Hannah and bring Adamtine to life.”

The passion is already present behind the project, and Adamtine seems to be in good hands. No other information has been released so far, but it will be interesting to see how production and the final project turn out!


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