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David Fincher’s “The Killer” Opens Big on Netflix

"The Killer" opens big in Netflix's current most-viewed films.

Netflix Subscribers Are Loving This Exciting New Thriller

Following its worldwide premiere at the 80th edition of the Venice International Film Festival in September, David Fincher’s latest thriller, The Killer, is now finally available to all audiences on Netflix – and they are loving it.

The Killer Is The Weekend’s Most Viewed Film On Netflix

The Killer was officially released on Netflix on November 10, and people worldwide were delighted to be finally able to enjoy David Fincher’s much anticipated new thriller. In fact, The Killer joined the Netflix Top 10 at the top position on the English Films list during the November 6-12 viewing window. The film gathered a solid 27.9 million views as well as over 55 total hours of viewership, indicating that most people watched the entirety of the film – an amazing result for a slow-burn thriller. The great starting performance on Netflix will probably continue its run in the following weeks since Fincher’s well-renowned name and Fassbender’s appeal in the international market are guaranteed to make The Killer a hit in the streaming service.

"The Killer" opens big on Netflix. Michael Fassbender looks down at the street through telescope.

What About The Film?

The Killer is a co-production between Netflix, Plan B Entertainment, and Boom! Studios, and Panic Pictures. It marks David Fincher’s 12th outing as a director after a successful career that earned him the title of “master of the thriller.” It stars Michael Fassbender as the titular character, an unnamed professional hitman who, after a tragic mistake in his latest mission, sets out on a path of revenge against his employers. The film is written by Andrew Kevin Walker (8mm, Sleepy Hollow), who had previously already worked with Fincher on the cult classic Seven. Tilda Swinton and Charles Parnell round up the stellar cast of The Killer in some terrific supporting roles. Last but not least, Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross composed the unnerving, wonderful soundtrack that earned them a special mention at the Venice Film Festival.

If you’re looking for a meticulously crafted thriller with amazing performances and a solid direction – well, look no further, as The Killer is currently streaming on Netflix.

"The Killer" opens big on Netflix. Michael Fassbender eats McDonald's on bench.

The Killer (2023) Official Netflix Trailer

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