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“Nowhere” From Spain Becomes Most Viewed Non-English Title on Netflix

“Nowhere” From Spain Becomes Most Viewed Non-English Title on Netflix

As 2023 Begins to Wind Down, Netflix has Revealed the Mother-Baby Survival Thriller Received the Most Views for Non-English Titles

Nowhere dropped on Netflix in September of 2023, a mere two months ago, and yet the film has taken the top spot in most viewed non-English titles (film or series) for Netflix thus far. It has raked in nearly 78 million views so far and holds second place for most viewed non-English titles, punching 142 million hours. The top spot is held by Norway’s Troll. To top all of that, Nowhere is the first non-English title to get 1.6 million views by its seventh week of release.  

Survival of the Cleverest  

Nowhere, directed by Albert Pinto, is a dystopian film taking place in a totalitarian Spain where the elderly, the pregnant, and the children are culled to preserve resources. It follows a couple, Mia (played by Anna Castillo) and Nico (played by Tamar Novas), who pay smugglers to take them away before the very pregnant Mia is found. The two are put in a shipping container; however, they are later separated, and Mia has to survive alone in a floating container after a storm demolishes her ship. She gives birth and uses several objects to survive the tumultuous situation cleverly. It’s an entertaining and thrilling watch as viewers observe Mia fight against all odds for her and her newborn’s survival, with elements of The Handmaid’s Tale and Castaway peppered throughout.

“Nowhere” From Spain Becomes Most Viewed Non-English Title on Netflix

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The Cast and Crew Behind the Success

To make the film’s success much more impressive, Nowhere is Miguel Ruz and Jodi Roca’s first production for their Madrid-based company, Rock and Ruz. The movie is an original story co-written by Ernest Riera, producer Ruz, Seanne Winslow, and Teresa De Rosendo. Everyone aboard the team played a critical role in the film’s success, taking a worn concept and giving it fresh ideas, unique dialogue, nail-biting twists, and unforeseeable turns. Not only that, but the acting performances were convincing, making Mia’s character relatable as viewers silently root for her from behind their screens, hoping that she and her child survive the trials of escaping the container and the dystopian world itself. Nowhere can be watched on Netflix.

“Nowhere” From Spain Becomes Most Viewed Non-English Title on Netflix

Nowhere (2023) Official Netflix Trailer

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