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Upcoming ‘Invincible’ Collab Leaked in New Fortnite Update

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Defend the island or claim it for the Viltrum Empire!

Fortnite is known for having a constant influx of crossover content. Recent collaborations include Stranger Things, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Ahsoka. Their current “OG” season will be no exception, as files found in this week’s update by X user ShiinaBR have revealed that characters from Invincible Season 2 will be making their way to Fortnite’s island. 

An Update of Super Proportions

Fortnite fans were already looking forward to this week’s update for several reasons. The update returned classic sandbox items such as the minigun, airplanes, cannons, and quad launcher back to battle royale mode, along with expected additions like new map locations and battle pass super styles. However, what fans weren’t expecting was a new crossover. Files within the update revealed up-close looks at cosmetics from Invincible Season 2 that will soon be in the game’s store.

The crossover offers three character skins for players to choose from: Invincible, Omni-Man, and Atom Eve. Other cosmetics in this collection include back blings like Omni-Man’s cape and Immortal’s detached head — no gore, though, since this is Fortnite, after all! Harvesting tools like War Woman’s mace and a Reaniman arm are also included in the update.

 Still, while the items in this crossover are not overtly graphic, Invincible joins this year’s Halloween crossover as one of the most violent properties that the kid-friendly Fortnite has collaborated with. It seems like more adult-oriented licenses are on their way, as Fortnite has also introduced a new rating system for its cosmetics in this update that will place age restrictions on the use of certain items.

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When to Expect Invincible and Company

Since news of these store items comes from insider leaks rather than Epic Games, there isn’t a definitive release date for the Invincible cosmetics. Given the finalized look of these skins and the ongoing release of Invincible Season 2, fans will likely be able to get their hands on these items within the next week. It is expected that each of the skins will be 1,500 V-Bucks — this is the norm for crossover skins — but they will also be available in a bundle of a currently unknown price for those looking to get all of the skins for a discounted price. 

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Invincible – Season 2 (2023) Prime Video Official Trailer

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