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‘Krampus’ Director Talks Potential Sequel

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Micheal Doughtery Hopes to Bring the Iconic Christmas Demon Back to the Big Screen

The Christmas horror film Krampus was an instant box office hit back in 2015, but there is yet to be a sequel. However, in an interview with “Bloody Disgusting,” director Micheal Doughtery revealed that the second film “doesn’t necessarily center around a family as much as it might be about a group of strangers who are trapped somewhere.” This doesn’t mean the sequel is in production just yet; it’s still merely an idea Doughtery is kicking around, but fans are hopeful regardless. 

Krampus in a Nutshell  

It’s no secret the holidays are a crazy, stressful time, even if it’s supposedly the most wonderful time of the year. Max’s family in Krampus is not immune to said stresses, and they let their dysfunction get in the way of their Christmas cheer. In a bout of distress, little Max Engel, played by Emjay Anthony, turns his back on Christmas, but little does he know that his lack of Christmas spirit will summon an ancient evil hell-bent on punishing non-believers. What happens next is a series of spine-tingling run-ins with the demonic monster as the family learns what it truly means to celebrate Christmas. It’s a creative storyline with a unique twist on both the Horror and Christmas genres that generated 61.5 million at the box office.  

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The Cast and Crew Behind the Horror Classic

Krampus stars a few big Hollywood names, including the Horror queen herself, Toni Colette (Hereditary) as Sarah Engel, Adam Scott (Parks and Rec) as Tom Engel, Stefania LaVie Owen (Sweet Tooth) as Beth Engel, David Coechner (Anchorman) as Howard, and Allison Tolman (The Gift) as Linda. The film was produced by Thomas Tull, Jon Jashni, Alex Garcia, and Micheal Doughtery. Jules O’Loughlin was in charge of the cinematography, while Douglas Pipes produced the music for the film. Stay tuned to see if Doughtery pulls the trigger on the sequel, but for now, enjoy the trailer for the first film below. 

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Krampus (2015) Universal Pictures Official Trailer

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