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“Suits” Cast Set for Reunion at ATX TV Festival

"Suits" Cast Set for Reunion at ATX TV Festival

“Suits” Reunion Craze Continues!

Finally, fans get what they have been craving since the Suits boom began again. The cast and creator of the hit television show are reuniting! 

Suits Cast Reunites! 

With the ATX TV Festival coming in late May to early June (May 30-June 2), fans will have the chance to see the cast and creator of Suits at their reunion panel. Halt and Catch Fire will also be having a reunion at the festival. This year’s ATX TV Festival will be in Austin, Texas.

The creator and some cast members of Suits will be reuniting, marking five years since the series finale. The wildly popular legal drama has made a huge resurgence in popularity, perhaps becoming even bigger than before. The series was bought for streaming rights on both Netflix and Peacock. Netflix had most of the seasons, except for the last few seasons, but Peacock has had them all. The show spent 12 consecutive weeks at the top of the Nielsen Streaming Top 10 chart and has crossed 45 billion minutes viewed. It was hard to go on Netflix or anime social media sites without seeing Suits content in some form over the summer.

"Suits" Cast Set for Reunion at ATX TV Festival

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Who’s Attending? 

Suits cast members confirmed for the reunion are Patrick J. Adams (Mike Ross), Sara Rafferty (Donna Paulson), and Dulé Hill (Alex Williams). The series creator, Aaron Korsh, will also be attending. Other actors who were main characters in the series, like Gabriel Macht, who played the famous Harvey Specter, are still not confirmed to be present. Megan Markle (Rachel Zane) will most likely not be attending. Markle married Prince Harry after leaving the show after seven seasons. Of course, there is still a chance. Never know with show business. 

With the actors and writers strike officially over, this will be the first time that the actors can publicly talk about the series again and its massive resurgence. Over the summer, actors in the show, like Patrick J. Adams, expressed their disappointment in not being able to talk about the series because of the strike. This reunion is exciting news for fans who recently became obsessed with the show, like many others. Suits can still currently be streamed on Netflix and Peacock.

"Suits" Cast Set for Reunion at ATX TV Festival

Suits Season 1 (2011) Official Blockbuster Trailer

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