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Christopher Nolan Explains His Stance On Streaming

christopher nolan streaming

Risky Business

Over the last few years, media preservation has become more of an ongoing topic. In the past, the preservation of things like film was limited due to technology, since actual rolls of film could be hard to maintain. Nowadays, the difficulty of film preservation lies with streaming services.

The Streaming Abyss

Christopher Nolan has made numerous headlines this year. The first was the release of his most recent masterpiece, historical drama Oppenheimer. His most recent headlining has less to do with one his films and more to do with comments on the streaming industry and ownership of physical film. The acclaimed director is specifically talking about movies which are solely available on streaming platforms like Netflix or Disney+. The fear is that for any reason, films can be pulled from a service, unavailable for viewing. This is exactly what happened to the family adventure Crater. The film, which was exclusive to the streaming platform, was taken off and made unavailable for a total of three months.

“There is a danger, these days, that if things only exist in the streaming version they do get taken down, they come and go,” Nolan said.

The filmmaker then went on to describe the work that goes into making a proper Blu-ray version of one ofhis films which manages to capture an experience similar to watching the film in theaters. 

Another famed director, Guillermo del Toro, agreed and shared his own opinion on X. He compared owning film to being a custodian or guardian to it. It’s not hard to understand his sentiment. Even in ancient times, there were people tasked with preserving stories and epics for generations so that future youth could also enjoy pieces of their people’s history.

christopher nolan streaming

Good and Evil

While Nolan makes a good and valid argument about streaming platforms and original films, that doesn’t mean such services are without proper uses. Unlike DVDs and Blu-ray, streaming can be a cheaper alternative which allows people to have access to multiple films at once. Compare that to spending over $30 on some Blu-ray copies of a film. This is also not to mention the ability to download films which certain platforms allow users to do. This, however, does not invalidate Nolan’s concern. Another issue with films via streaming services is that they may be changed for any reason at the drop of a hat. Just look at Disney+, which has been frequently accused of censorship for editing certain things out of their older catalog. At least with a physical copy of a film, fans can be certain that they won’t have to worry about random changes to their favorite films.

The idea of media preservation will always remain relevant despite ongoing advancements in technology. The same phenomenon can be seen in the video game industry with some games failing to be preserved. There are now a multitude of games which are just a distant memory and nothing more because they are no longer available in physical form. The same fate could easily befall film.

Oppenheimer is now available on Blu-ray.

christopher nolan streaming

Official Oppenheimer Trailer

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