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Monarch: Legacy of Monsters Episode 3 Review

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters Episode 3 Review

Revelations in the Ice of Alaska and the Events of Castle Bravo

Episode 3 of Monarch: Legacy of Monsters brings us back to Cate Randa, Kentaro, and May confronting Lee Shaw on his involvement with Monarch and their father Hiroshi’s disappearance. Soon after, he broke free from his confinement and escaped away from Japan. Much of the episode also recounts his personal past with Keiko and Bill Randa on the day the military made their first attempt to kill Godzilla while they searched Alaska for Hiroshi’s whereabouts. 

Alaska and Castle Bravo

Lee Shaw brings much of the narrative to both stories very well, being both the outer and inner perspective of Monarch’s operations. His dynamic is still developing with Kate and Kentaro, though given that he’s a mysterious part of their family, both respond to him differently. While Ken is more apathetic and willing to uncover their family history, Cate is much more reluctant and bitter, seeing that the Monarch should have warned the world of the Titans long before the tragic events of G-day. By the time they reach Alaska, the source of Hiroshi’s disappearance, much of the groundwork of their internal conflict is made.

The story maintains the parallel story structure introduced with episode one, but there is much more focus on two exact moments in the episode. For the present day events, the focus is going to Alaska and finding Hiroshi, with character motivations and minor drama regarding the nature of Monarch itself. The past storyline, set in the 50s, reveals the events of Castle Bravo and how after convincing General Puckett to help fund Monarch, Lee Shaw, Keiko, and Bill Randa were witnesses to Godzilla’s first arrival and the military’s attempts to kill him with atomic weapons.

The Conflicts of the Past And Present

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters showcases the dual conflicts of Monarch and how their scientists view the creatures while also giving a personal understanding of why civilians like Cate and May are critical of their secretive nature. Still haunted by the events of G-day, Cate views her family’s involvement with the Monarch and their hidden monsters as a curse and scorns the secrets her father has been keeping.

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters Episode 3 Review

Lee Shaw, on the other hand, has kept a neutral stance throughout his time both in the past and present. Informing the military of Godzilla’s existence led to the Castle Bravo bombings, something Keiko and Bill were against due to their desire to study the creatures. By the time we get to G-day, it’s clear that Monarch has gone through different mindsets of studying monsters in the 50s to present time when they tried to contain them before G-day happened. While we didn’t get a chance to see Godzilla survive the nuclear blasts in the 50s, Keiko’s compassion for him shows the nature of the scientist of Monarch, pioneering the philosophies of Ishiro Serizawa, who is a major supporter of the Titan’s place in the natural order.

A New Titan Enters The Fray

The series has revealed and introduced several interesting creatures to the Monsterverse’s roster of creatures. Episode 1 with Godzilla’s arrival, several massive spiders and crabs from Skull Island, and the Endoswarmers. Episode 2 introduces the Ion Dragon, a flying creature responsible for the disappearance of the USS Lawton and the spark of Bill Randa’s fascination with Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organism. These are very original creatures and make for great adversaries against the human characters.

Episode 3 shows another glimpse of Godzilla in 1954 after Lee Shaw, Keiko, and Bill Randa witnessed the military’s attempts to kill him with nuclear weapons. He isn’t seen again in the episode, although due to the multiple tests that happened in that time, it was clear that there were multiple attempts to kill him, clearly stating that he survives into his reveal during G-day. There is also the latest new addition to the Monsterverse who ambushes Lee Shaw and Cate Randa in Alaska — the Frost Vark, a large mammal-like beast covered in pangolin-like scales, with odd tendrils surrounding its snout like the star-nosed mole. This beast is a burrower and also has the ability to inhale the heat of living organisms. The episode also concludes with this odd beast’s attack.  

Final Rating

The episode concludes with a seat-clenching cliffhanger, with Lee Shaw, Cate Randa, Keichiro, and May stranded in Alaska with the Frost Vark on the prowl. With episode 3 finishing where it did, these past three episodes succeeded in making this TV series very engrossing to follow. It also helps that the flashbacks to the 50s era are now starting to become more focused on specific moments that are relevant to the present events. Where Godzilla went to after Castle Bravo and how the protagonists escape the Frost Vark is left to be explored in the upcoming episode of Monarch: Legacy of Monsters.

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters Episode 3 Review

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters (2023) Official Episode 3 Promo Trailer

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