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Why Jennifer Lawrence Chose ‘No Hard Feelings’ At This Point in Her Career

no hard feelings

Lawrence Chose the Sex Comedy for a Reason

A Brief Step Into Hollywood’s Shadows 

While Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most known and loved actresses of the 2010s, it is undeniable that she had stepped out of Hollywood’s light for a couple of years. A multifaceted actress of many genres, why did Lawrence decide to make her big return on screen through comedy films? She was first seen in Netflix’s Don’t Look Up, followed by No Hard Feelings. 

The Girl on Fire 

Lawrence’s cinematic reemergence is nothing less than multifaceted, with roles ranging from romantic comedy drama Silver Linings Playbook to Marvel’s X-Men films. While she has gained recognition for various films in particular such as Winter’s Bone, Red Sparrow, and Like Crazy, she is most recognized for her leading role of Katniss Everdeen in one of the most notable book-to-movie series adaptations, The Hunger Games; the action/science fiction film series attracts fans of all ages, both from the book series fanbase and new fans alike. Since her appearance in The Hunger Games series, Lawrence has performed in many films of several genres, such as Adam McKay’s satirical apocalyptic comedy Don’t Look Up and Morten Tyldum’s science fiction romance film Passengers. However, following her appearance in The Hunger Games series, she appeared to take a step into the shadows and appear in the media less and less as the years passed. She took a two-year break from acting from 2019 to 2021 and had her son in 2022.  

‘No Hard Feelings’:  Raunchy, Awkward & Undeniably Laughable 

Gene Stupnitsky’s edgy comedy No Hard Feelings centralizes on 32-year old Maddie Barker, bartender and Uber driver from Long Island, New York in a desperate financial situation due to owing extensive property taxes and having just undergone the repossession of her car. After finding a Craigslist posting from parents requesting a woman to “date” their 19-year-old son Percy Becker, she accepts the position in exchange for a Buick Regal. The parents hire Maddie in the hope that their socially awkward son will receive dating experience before entering Princeton University in the upcoming fall.

Viewers are automatically introduced to two drastically different characters: Maddie who is confident, extroverted, and humorous in contrast to Percy who is awkward, introverted, and unconfident. Following Maddie’s plan to first “meet” Percy “by chance” at the animal shelter at which he volunteers, Maddie eventually establishes a relationship with him; they spend increasingly more time together involving dates, attempts at sexual experiences, and progression to emotional vulnerability. No Hard Feelings ultimately displays the development of their relationship, where Maddie is seen to genuinely enjoy spending time with him (despite the initial monetary motivation) and Percy’s evident growth in confidence and sociability. 

Laughable Lines and Stupnitsky’s Script

Among Lawrence’s genre selection of movies, she decided to include No Hard Feelings in her big screen return. But why? When considering Lawrence as an individual, many can attest, whether a fan, co-star, or coworker, that she is an actress with a strong sense of humor. She is a woman of sarcastic, blunt, and witty comedy. And that’s exactly it, amongst other things—comedy. 

no hard feelings

Lawrence has had a long desire to perform in a comedy, especially since most of her films are not of that category, like her Apple TV drama, Causeway. 

Back in No Hard Feelings’ premiere in London, Lawrence said that she was not actively acting though she was too attracted to the script to pass down the role. Lawrence admitted, “I didn’t want to work when I got this script. I read it and it was the funniest script I’d ever read in my life. So I quickly changed my tune and we were on set four months later.” Stupnitsky also said himself that the plot was actually inspired by a real Craigslist ad from 2013 that he found hilarious and could not resist turning it into a story. Additionally, he added that the character of Maddie was written with Lawrence performing her, having her “voice” in his mind while crafting her persona. Essentially, Lawrence performed a role quite literally made for her. 

Lawrence was also reported to have known director and co-writer Gene Stupnitsky for a long time and had a desire to work with him. After reading his script for the movie, Lawrence was instantly attracted to the role of Maddie and identified with her sense of humor. She said, “Gene read the Craigslist ad out to me. I died laughing. I thought it was hilarious, but there wasn’t a script or anything. I just thought he had a funny idea. A couple of years later, he handed me the funniest script I’ve ever read in my life. I guess [that] I like cringe humor. I do like the idea of comedy that makes people uncomfortable. I love when people are watching through their hands, through their fingers. Nothing makes me happier.” Lawrence clearly made the right choice with a film that allowed her to play a character with a sense of humor parallel to Lawrence’s in real life. Both the fans’ overall positive reviews of the movie and the statistics of it prove this. No Hard Feelings earned $6.25 million on its release day, even causing the famous series The Flash to fall third in box office ranking. 

A Reputable Return 

It is no surprise that the comedy No Hard Feelings was Lawrence’s choice with her humor in mind and Stupnitsky’s likable script to go along with it. Although she remained in the shadows for a brief couple of years, her performance in No Hard Feelings made fans even more thrilled to see her back in such a different role. 

With Lawrence’s strong performance in all of her films, fans should expect nothing less from the girl on fire, who continues to tackle every performance with grace and ignite box office rankings in flames. 

No Hard Feelings can be watched on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Apple TV. 

no hard feelings

Official Sony No Hard Feelings Trailer

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