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SAG-AFTRA Releases Full 129-Page Tentative Agreement During Ratification Vote

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Official details of SAG-AFTRA’s new deal with the AMPTP have been revealed

On November 8, history was made when the 2023 SAG-AFTRA reached a deal with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, AMPTP. The strike lasted nearly four months, going in solidarity with the WGA strike. Although a tentative deal has been reached, the agreement still needs to be ratified by the guild, with voting ending on December 5. On Friday, November 24, the actors released the official 129-page document containing their tentative agreement with the AMPTP. 

SAG-AFTRA’s Official Statement About the Deal

Duncan Crabtree-Ireland, who is the executive creative director and chief negotiator for SAG-AFTRA, released a statement regarding the new contract, referred to as the Memorandum of Agreement, MOA. In this he says, “These contracts achieve more than $1 billion in NEW compensation and benefit plan funding (including an additional $317.2 million to the benefit plans).” He goes on further by saying, “The contracts establish lengthy and detailed AI guardrails that didn’t exist before and do protect you as we meet the challenge of this new technology, hair and makeup equity, significantly increased background coverage, outsized streaming residuals, a new streaming success fund, and so much more.” The contract will run from November 9, 2023, until June 30, 2026. 

What the Deal Says About AI

One major issue that kept the strike from ending was the use of AI. Despite the issue seemingly being resolved between the AMPTP and SAG-AFTRA, some are not convinced. Actress Justine Bateman recently spoke out about her concerns over the deal. In the contract, the producers must notify the actor’s guild should they decide to use an AI, referred to as a synthetic performer, instead of a real actor. It also specifies that a producer must obtain the consent of an actor to use their likeness on the synthetic performer. It then says if there is a violation of any kind, it can lead to monetary damages.

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Moving Forward

Ultimately, while things seem to be returning to normal in Hollywood, SAG-AFTRA members are not entirely out of the woods yet. As previously stated, the deadline for voting to ratify the deal ends on December 5, with the eligibility to vote starting on November 14. While things are looking positive, anything can still happen. Time will tell. 

The new contract can be found on the official SAG-AFTRA site for anyone to see.

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