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Jamie Foxx Denies Sexual Assault Allegations

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Actor Addresses Sexual Assault Claims in New Lawsuit

Jamie Foxx is facing some accusations according to a new lawsuit earlier this week mentioning an incident involving an alleged sexual assault that happened around August 2015. The incident in question reveals that Foxx supposedly assaulted a woman, the plaintiff in this case who is being addressed as “Jane Doe” according to court documents published online. 

Foxx’s Response to New Claims

More details on the incident were reported to have occurred in a restaurant and bar, Catch NYC & Roof, located in New York, where the plaintiff’s friend discovered the encounter unfolding and that he made inappropriate contact with the plaintiff without consent that involved groping her breasts after Foxx was approached by her and said friend asked to take photos with him. The plaintiff in this lawsuit is suing the restaurant where the alleged incident transpired as well for not addressing this immediately.

A spokesperson for Foxx responded to these accusations, stating, “What was said to have happened never happened. This person filed a case in Brooklyn in 2020 that was almost exactly the same. Soon after, that case was thrown out, … The claims are no more viable today than they were then. We are confident they will be dismissed again. And once they are, Mr. Foxx intends to pursue a claim for malicious prosecution against this person and her attorneys for re-filing this frivolous action.” 

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Legal Battle Intensifies 

But Foxx legal troubles continued to escalate as the plaintiff’s attorney, Michael S. Lamonsoff, rejected his assertion in this dispute, stating, “Our client and our firm will not be intimidated by Jamie Foxx’s age-old tactic of lies and threats against survivors of sexual assault. Foxx’s allegations that a ‘frivolous’ lawsuit was filed against him and dismissed in 2020 are baseless and untrue. Although our client sought justice by coming to our firm, unfortunately, the Adult Survivor’s Act (ASA) had not passed yet as deliberations were ongoing in the state legislature. Thankfully, the ASA was passed, allowing our client to demand accountability for the abuse and mental anguish she had endured since the time of this heinous assault.”  

The lawsuit mentions that Foxx may have been drunk at the time of this alleged incident. The suit was also brought under New York’s Adult Survivors Act, which became law in late November 24, 2022 and lets adult victims of sexual abuse fight their attackers in New York, even if the time limit for their claims has passed.

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Actor Jamie Foxx accused of sexually assaulting woman at NYC restaurant (2023) CBS News New York

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