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Taylor Swift’s ‘Eras Tour’ Movie is Soon Streaming With Additional Songs

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Time to Bring Out the Friendship Bracelets in Celebration of Swift’s Box-Office Hit Reaching the Small Screen

It’s time for Swifties to bring back their concert fits and friendship bracelets. In anticipation of the Reputation (Taylor’s Version) release, fans will have access to Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour on screen as well as some extra tracks that didn’t make it to film. 

The Tour 

Taylor Swift’s demanding tour that will last from March 17th, 2023, to December 8th, 2024, will soon be accessible to fans who don’t wish to fight in the bejeweled crowds. The tour covers some of the most popular hits of Swift’s discography along with set and costume sets to match each album’s era. Understandably, that makes the concerts a lengthy event as each concert lasts more than 3 hours and 15 minutes (not counting the openers). 

Those who wished to experience the concert and got stuck in Ticketmaster purgatory or simply did not wish to survive the stampedes would be able to witness the concert on the big screen. On October 13th, 2023, Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour became a box-office hit as Swifties got the chance to relive their concert experience in a much more secluded environment.

Taylor Swift's Era Tour is on its way to your home theater.

Though the film has a shorter run time than its stage counterpart, there are still more than 2 hours and 50 minutes of fearless action to watch.

Happy Birthday

As she cheekily loves to do, Taylor Swift will be releasing her next gift to fans on her birthday. Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour will be available to rent and stream in the US and Canada starting December 13th, 2023. The film will have an extended runtime compared to its theater release as it will feature cut songs: “The Archer,” “Long Live,” and “Wildest Dreams.” To fans’ dismay, the songs “Cardigan” and “No Body No Crime” will once again be omitted from the viewing. 

Though the anticipation for Reputation (TV) and Debut (TV) are racking Swifties’ brains, the availability of reliving the “Eras Tour” concert will be a nice Christmas season gift as Taylor finally gets to have a winter break. 

Taylor Swift's Eras Tour is on its way to home theater.

‘Eras Tour’ (2023) Official Taylor Swift Trailer

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