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Tiffany Haddish Addresses Her Thanksgiving DUI Arrest During Stand-Up

Tiffany Haddish

The comedian faced DUI charges after being found asleep behind the wheel

Actress Tiffany Haddish, known for her comedic personality and engaging presence, took light of her recent Thanksgiving DUI arrest while performing in Long Beach on Friday night. The Girls Trip star was arrested in Beverly Hills on November 24 after performing in West Hollywood for the Laugh Factory’s 43rd annual free community Thanksgiving feast. The comedian was reportedly found passed out behind the wheel after leaving the event and was later taken to jail for suspicion of driving under the influence.  

Brief Details on Beverly Hills Arrest 

Haddish was arrested on a DUI charge Friday morning for sleeping behind the wheel on Beverly Drive. The Beverly Hills police department verified it after receiving a phone call around 5:45 a.m. about a woman who had stopped in the middle of the street, passed out, with the vehicle still running. Luckily, no one appeared to be hurt, and others had to drive around her vehicle. Haddish was then taken to the Beverly Hills Police Department, where she was booked for DUI charges. 

Responding with Comedy 

Despite getting arrested on a DUI charge, Haddish managed to poke fun at the incident later that same day while performing at the Laugh Factory in Long Beach. When asked about the incident by an audience member, Haddish directly responded, “You tell me,” followed with, “I had prayed to God to send me a man with a job, career, preferably in a uniform, and I answered my prayers” the comedian said in an audio recording obtained by TMZ. These comments are most likely a reference to her arrest. Because she can use humor to cope with her challenges and connect with her audience using her personal experiences, there is no question that Haddish is powerful and skilled as a comedian.

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Previous History with DUI charges 

This is Haddish’s second DUI arrest; her first one was back on January 14, 2022, under similar circumstances in Atlanta. She was released on the same day and on a $1,666 bond and was released the same day in the recent arrest and will have to appear in court on December 4 for the first charge.  

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Tiffany Haddish Addresses New DUI in Audio of Laugh Factory Set (2023) TMZ

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