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Why ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’ Is The Perfect Autumn Movie

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This Wes Anderson Classic Is the Perfect Movie to Cozy Up To With Family.

Fantastic Mr. Fox was released in theaters in 2009, and the Wes Anderson film quickly became one of his classics, with its innovative stop-motion animation and the timelessness of the film. With an ensemble cast led by George Clooney and Meryl Streep, the star-studded cast also provided a sense of notoriety as well. The cast also involved Jason Schwartzman, Bill Murray, Owen Wilson, and Willem Dafoe, among others. 

Centered around a family man, or rather fox, and his escapades in trying to keep his family and friends out of the wrath of farmers, Boggis, Bunce, and Bean, the movie provides a fun time for everyone with deeper themes of selfishness, redemption, and acceptance. However, with the leaves changing and the weather dropping, it helps to look at this movie from a different perspective. Here are the reasons why Fantastic Mr. Fox is the best autumn movie. 

A Bright Color Palette

Throughout the movie, the colors are vibrant and eye-catching, with warm oranges, yellows, and browns. It’s very autumnal and has a prominent color scheme with the holiday itself. Mr. Fox and his family are all saturated with orange, and the sky during the day is hues of orange and yellow. The color scheme provides a warm, cozy atmosphere for the movie, and what better movie to put on with family after a long day? 

The Whimsicality of It All

Fantastic Mr. Fox has a certain aura of quirkiness and whimsicality in it. The main score is full of little staccato (or short) plucks of a string instrument, making the movie feel like a fantastical journey through Mr. Fox’s escapades. Adding onto that, the whole plot is centered around a talking fox and his skirmish with three farmers, which adds a certain amount of silliness and innocence to it, which appeals to children. A plot element that Wes Anderson included that elevates the quirkiness of the movie is that instead of having the animals in the movie swear, he has them replace the bad word with the word “cuss.” It adds humor to a lot of situations in the movie for the audience, especially in the first scene when Badger and Mr. Fox are arguing back and forth with each other. It’s an element known only for being in this movie, giving it a special charm that can’t be recreated.

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Thanksgiving Meal With the Foxes!

Lastly, the movie features a feast with Mr. Fox’s family and friends, lavish with chicken, geese, and fine apple cider. Mr. Fox kicks off the feast (after stealing Badger’s moment in the spotlight) with a toast to everyone, including the farmers from whom they’ve stolen their menu items. The toast is one of gratitude for being with family and friends during troubling times and driving together through it all. Sound familiar? It’s like Thanksgiving, a popular autumn holiday that so many are familiar with!

Fantastic Mr. Fox is a story full of excitement and togetherness, as evident with The Foxes and all the other animals teaming up to escape the clutches of the farmers. It’s the perfect movie to watch with loved ones in autumn, with the unique stop-motion animation for kids, deeper themes for adults, and silliness for both kids and adults alike. 

The movie is available to stream on Max.

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