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The DC Animated Universe Faces Its End In The First Trailer For ‘Justice League: Crisis On Infinite Earths’

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DC’s Most Iconic Event Gets Its Own Animated Trilogy

One thing that DC and Warner Bros. Entertainment have always done well is their adaptation of animated films. Recently, a trailer for their newest animated film, Justice League: Crisis On Infinite Earths, has been released online. The upcoming 2024 feature is the first in a new trilogy of movies and looks to conclude DC’s animated Tomorrowverse series before having James Gunn’s new DCU take over. 

Crisis On Infinite Earths! 

The Justice League has another crisis on their hands! DC’s animated series is in trouble and could face its ultimate end in the upcoming Crisis on Infinite Earths trilogy. Warner Bros. Entertainment released a new trailer for the upcoming animated trilogy that is set to come out in 2024. The three films will cover one of DC’s most iconic and legendary comic book events, Crisis On Infinite Earths. The event was written in 1985-1986 by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez.

The trailer begins with the heroes brought together by a character named the monitor. Avid comic book readers will know this character well and their significance in the overall story. Fans also see things directly from the comic book series in the trailer. For example, the trailer shows the Tomorrowverse’s Superman with another version of himself from a parallel world. Though the event has had a live-action adaptation, a trilogy surrounding the event is a first for Warner Bros. 

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The Tommorrowverse Animated Line Up

For those unfamiliar with the Tommorrowverse, it is an animated universe that Warner Bros. created in 2020. The animated universe began with the film Superman: Man of Tomorrow. Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths is just the latest installment in a long lineup of previous releases. Other films in the universe include Justice Society: World War II, Batman: The Long Halloween, and Justice League: Warworld. All these films are significant events in DC’s comic book history, and others are standalone movies. 

However, Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths will be the first big story in the DC Animated Universe released in three separate films. Previous releases such as Batman: The Dark Knight Returns and Batman: The Long Halloween were only two-part films. 

Though no official release date has yet to be announced for Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths, fans should watch out for DC and Warner Bros. Entertainment’s social media sites for updates on the upcoming three-part series. 

Until then, check out the newest trailer below!

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Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths (2024) Warner Bros. Entertainment Official Trailer

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