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‘Nosferatu’ Set for Christmas 2024 Release


Robert Eggers’ Take On The Silent Horror Classic Is Set To Release Next Holiday Season

Santa is bringing 2024 Christmas gifts early with Robert Eggers’ new Nosferatu remake.

Count Orlok’s Story from a Modern Perspective

Robert Eggers’ next project will be a remake of the classic silent film Nosferatu (1922), originally directed by F.W. Murnau. The story closely follows Bram Stoker’s famous Victorian gothic novel, Dracula. So closely, in fact, that Stoker’s widow sued the filmmakers for creating the film without properly obtaining rights. To modern audiences’ comfort, the book and the 1922 film are now both in the public domain. 

The German Expressionist film will be set in Eggers’ good hands. The artistic director has developed several projects that use a lot of classic film motifs and techniques. The use of real film for The Lighthouse (2019) and the use of natural light in The Witch (2015) are classic filmmaking techniques that would’ve been used for the original Nosferatu film. It can only be assumed that Eggers will once again work tirelessly to be as accurate as he can be when it comes to the time period of the piece as well as the aesthetic used.

Nosferatu Mid Image

What to Expect 

Releasing December 25, 2024, Nosferatu will have a cast with quite familiar names, such as Bill Skarsgard as Count Orlok, Willem Dafoe as Professor Albin Eberhart Von Franz, Lily-Rose Depp as Ellen Hutter, and Nicholas Hoult as Jonathan Harker. Focus Features and Universal Pictures will distribute the film. Though it has been in development since 2015 as Eggers’ passion project, it is not until now that audiences are beginning to see the creation come to life. 

Nosferatu will not be a film to be missed by horror fans. There is already a great buzz going around about how this newly famed director has his hands on one of the arguably most infamous films of early cinema. One can only imagine if this will start a new chain of silent film remakes for the 21st century. 

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The Witch (2015) A24 Official Trailer

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