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‘The Boys: Mexico’ Spin-Off Series Imminent

In the new "The Boys: Mexico," the "Blue Beetle" director Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer, Diego Luna ("Andor" and "Flatliners"), and Gael García Bernal ("Werewolf by Night" and "Coco") will be executive producers. Producers Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal

'The Boys' in Mexico: A Fresh Take on a Fan Favorite

The Boys is growing in popularity with each release from its crazy and brutal world. To continue the trend, The Boys is now coming out with The Boys: Mexico

The Boys..in Mexico? 

After the massively successful first season of the college-set spinoff series Gen V, The Boys universe is about to expand. Season four of The Boys is on the way, and with it, a huge wave of anticipation for what comes next in the series. Deadline reports that another new spinoff series is in the works, and it will be called The Boys: Mexico. As of now, there are no plot details announced. However, there are already names attached to the project that have gained attention.

The latest offshoots come from Blue Beetle director Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer, Diego Luna (Andor and Flatliners), and Gael García Bernal (Werewolf by Night and Coco) will be executive producers.

Though no plot details have been announced, Luna and Bernal are playing with the thought of appearing in The Boys: Mexico in minor roles. They won’t be the stars of the series, even if they would be a great fit.

'The Boys: Mexico' is a fresh take on fan favorite, 'The Boys.'

Is it Expanding Too Fast? 

Though this is great news overall, some fans may see this as The Boys’ universe expanding too fast. This type of rapid expansion has happened many times with other shows in the past. One thing that is different from other projects is that the creator of The Boys TV show will be involved in the new series. Dunnet-Alcocer is the creator, writer, and executive producer and will be the show’s co-showrunner. He is also in the process of writing the script for The Boys: Mexico. Others attached to the project include huge names like Eric Kripke, Seth Rogen, and Evan Goldberg.

Like in Gen V, this new series also opens the doors for more cameos. Season 1 of Gen V saw multiple faces from the original series pop up. Fans can catch up on the first three seasons of The Boys and Season 1 of Gen V on Prime Video. A fourth season of the globally renowned hit series The Boys will return in 2024.

'The Boys: Mexico' will be a fresh take on fan favorite, 'The Boys.'

The Boys (2019) Official Amazon Prime Video UK & IE Trailer

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