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A Girl Brings The Apocalypse In ‘Everyone Will Burn’ Trailer

'Everyone Will Burn' tells the story of a young girl who uses telekinesis to bring a scary children's story to life. A young girl watches a man burn on the beach.

Not Just A Bedtime Story

A Spanish horror movie, Everyone Will Burn, introduces a young girl who is possibly responsible for the battle many have feared for years, and the media has dramatized the apocalypse. This captivating film will be on theater screens sooner than audiences might guess.

Unexplainable Occurrences

The trailer starts off with a woman admitting to a priest that she tried to commit suicide that same morning. The trailer then flashes to the morning and the woman standing on a ledge. When she turns around, the audience sees a creepy young girl who seems to be covered in dirt or something of similar color/nature. The trailer also hints at a story  that parents used to scare children at some point in the movie’s world. A young boy puts his fist in the dirt-covered girl’s face, but it turns to him by some unexplainable force. The boy puts his fist as far into his mouth as he can, but again, it’s beyond his control.

Watch the World Burn

The girl in the trailer is extremely creepy and seems to fulfill some sort of prophecy. Furthermore, she watches the world burn and seems to enjoy it as she smirks in response to the burning. The trailer ends with a woman whose face is covered in blood being horrified by the man on fire, presumably a cop, in front of her and the girl. For those who enjoyed the trailer and were intrigued by what’s to come, they’ll be happy to know this film hits select theaters this Friday, December 1. Moreover, it will be available on digital just days later, on December 5.

"Everyone Will Burn" tells the story of a little girl who uses telekinesis to bring to a life a scary children's story. A little boy punches a dirty faced little girl.

Intriguing Characters

David Hebrero is responsible for directing, co-writing, and the cinematography of this Spanish horror film. Javier Kiran co-wrote the script with Hebrero. The film follows Macarena Gómez as María José (Shrew’s Nest), who is an outlier in her small Spanish town. José is grieving over the death of her young son’s suicide. The woman internally battles with whether or not to commit the sin herself. However, before she can follow through, she is faced with a mysterious girl covered in dirt. The mysterious girl is played by Sofía García (Baby Shower). The audience soon learns that the young girl has telekinetic abilities and is possibly the herald of the prophecy involving the apocalypse that has haunted their town. Even though the child seems violent, José seems to sympathize with her because the girl reminds her of her son, who had dwarfism like the girl. The two team up against the ignorant townspeople.

Stranger Things 

This film showcases a town harboring deep secrets that seem to lead to destruction and fear. The mysterious events featured in the trailer are almost difficult to wrap one’s head around. The audience can immerse themselves in the horror-filled world. This film is perfect for those who like films about prophecies coming true or unexplained events. This trailer really didn’t give much away, especially concerning the endings and plot twists like many trailers today do. Find out if this small town will triumph against the apocalypse or be doomed for all eternity when it hits theaters this Friday and then heads into digital not too long after.

"Everyone Will Burn," a Spanish horror film, tells the story of a young girl who uses telekinesis to bring to life a scary children's story. An adult woman with dirt on her faces screams.

Everyone Will Burn (2023) Official Drafthouse Films Trailer

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