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‘Carrie’: A Much Needed Reboot

Carrie: A Much Needed Reboot

Back for a Bloody Good Time

Hollywood is in a consistent cycle of rebooting franchises every few years in order to not lose adoration from the public – Transformers, James Bond, and Godzilla are just to name a few. These movies are given “new” perspectives by new directors who wish to attempt to breathe life into old franchises and add a bit of diversity to a usually very heterosexual white male environment. Most of the time when the movies are released, not much has been changed from the formula originated in the first film due to a fear of upsetting fans of the franchises. That’s why horror has capitalized on and raked in fortunes with this process, due to the fans loving and adoring new perspectives being applied to their favorite killers. Horror, more than any genre, is notorious for this, with many of the biggest names in the field being perpetrators – Halloween, Scream, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. A majority of the time, lesser-known properties aren’t given the reboot cycle opportunity and are often written off as a failing investment. These properties are often the most interesting examples of horror media, being the ones that don’t follow the conventional format that many horror movies adhere to. There is one movie and/or character that deserves to be rebooted, especially in 2023 and the coming year – that being Carrie White.

Carrie: A Much Needed Reboot

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Who Is She?

Carrie White is the titular character of Steven King’s novel who serves as both the protagonist of the story as well as the villain. Carrie is a high school girl who suffers torment from her peers at school along with her religious zealot of a mother at home. One day, during a traumatic incident where Carrie goes through her first period – unaware of what is occurring – she gains the ability of telekinesis. Throughout the rest of the book, Carrie deals with the societal upbringing of her mother as well as her desires as a girl who is going through puberty. Due to the intervention of another classmate named Sue Snell, Carrie is put on a path to have an amazing night at the prom and experience the joy of living out one’s most innocent hopes. However, the prom doesn’t go according to plan, and Carrie is instead humiliated by a fellow classmate – Carrie Hargensen – who famously dumps pig blood all over her after rigging the vote for Carrie to win prom queen. What follows is a disaster as Carrie snaps and destroys and kills everyone in her vicinity, bringing the prom and those around her to the ground and leaving destruction in her wake. Carrie returns home and kills her mother, finally closing the cycle of abuse she endured from all those around her. She ends the film perishing at her own hands and takes her childhood home down with her. 

Why Carrie? 

This is the easiest question someone could ask, why Carrie White? The answer is easy, because there is no story out there like Carrie. There isn’t a psycho killer chasing a group of conventionally attractive people but instead a frightened teenage girl who snaps from the pain brought upon her by those around her. She isn’t an unkillable creature like Jason Voorhees, The Creeper, or Freddy Kruger, but someone who has suffered numerous trials and withstood more than most could handle. She’s been adapted to screen three separate times; the first in the 1976 film titled Carrie played by Sissy Spacek. The second was similarly titled Carrie and came out in 2002 where she was played by Angela Bettis. The third and final iteration by the same name was made in 2013 where Carrie was played by Chloe Grace Moretz. Despite being adapted three separate times, I still believe a newer adaptation of Carrie could do extremely well. We live in a time where three-hour movies are nothing but near the normal runtime – a full length movie of Carrie that utilizes King’s novel would be a welcomed surprise. One of the most important aspects of Carrie’s story that is always forgotten and not well-developed is the ending – what happens to the town after Carrie’s massacre? What happens to the world now that a girl with telekinetic powers has been discovered? This addition would heighten Carrie’s legitimate power as an entity, showing that even in death, she is still on everyone’s minds and is never to be forgotten.

Carrie: A Much Needed Reboot

Carrie (1976) Official MGM Studios Trailer

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