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No One Will Save You (2023): A Review

No One Will Save You (2023): A Review

When the Things You Fear the Most Are Not Aliens

Brynn has a dark past she can’t escape, one that compels her to live in her imagination more than she does in the real world. This imaginary life she leads is all so encompassing that, horrifyingly enough, a visit from aliens is not the most horrifying thing that has happened to her. Brynn’s dark secret and make-believe world make hell into heaven and what is dark into light. This film features thrilling alien encounters and a sweet, flawed hero an audience can’t help but love, which makes this film one of this year’s most compelling horror films. Directed by writer Brian Duffield, 20th Century Studios and Star Thrower Entertainment produced No One Will Save You and released it on September 22, 2023. 

Their Devastation Can’t Dim the Light  

“There are over 1.65 million home invasions per year. This one is different,” – No One Will Save You.

Brynn is a charming, beautiful, talented, seemingly kind being, so why does the cute neighbor scowl when she waves? The film starts out with the lovely Brynn putting pretty touches on her quaint and cozy home. She can cook, sew, garden, dance, and so much more, but she does it all in the world alone. One day, visitors of the otherworldly kind come to visit, and there is no way to guess what the outcome will be. So well put together, No One Will Save You is like a well-orchestrated song. It is a smooth, well-paced, but dark pleasure. This story is original, enchanting, and enthralling as Brynn faces off against alien upon alien. Her strength is astonishing as she deals with forces the audience will hope never to know. The levels of possible meaning and interpretation are endless. 

Set in small-town America, it was filmed in New Orleans, Louisiana, making for a quaint, dreamy town. The setting is colorful, with deep greens and bright oranges, pinks, and blues to help us feel the richness. Only when the visitors come do the colors and tones become more foreboding. As plot points are revealed, Brynn must fight physically and mentally, as she combats not only aliens but also her past. Through all of this, the audience cheers as she fights to overcome. It is clear throughout the film that her biggest hurdles are psychological. There is not a lot of blood, but there are a few jump scares. The scariest part of this film is what might be lurking around the corner. The aliens are creepy, slimy, grey, and gross, and Brynn handles their attacks in the way only a hero would. Brian Duffield’s creativity produces a film that has the watcher imagining how a person with so much trauma can withstand even more harrowing trauma of a different kind, all the while working out trauma from her earlier life. Or does she?

“When we meet Brynn in the movie, she’s done a lot of work on herself to be okay with the cards she’s been dealt…To know that she’s someone who has found herself and found joy in what she thinks her life will amount to, and she’s kind of made her peace with that. She has kind of built this bubble for herself that she feels safe in. A few minutes in to the movie that bubble gets irrevocably shattered,” said Duffield to Cinema Judge.

No One Will Save You (2023): A Review

Eye-Opening Acting Chops Make the Film 

Katelyn Dever is the young thespian and producer who carries this film, and she is stunning. There is very little dialogue, and she handles her part with the professionalism of a seasoned stage actor. She doesn’t need words. When she is hurt, it can knock the air out of the audience, and when she is scared, the audience’s skin prickles. She is the tragic hero, but whether her ending is tragic is up for discussion. Dever has been named one of Variety’s 10 Actors to Watch, nominated for a Primetime Emmy, and has six awards and 24 nominations; it’s no surprise she pulled this off so well. Well-known for roles such as Betsy Mallum in TV’s Dopesick (2021) and Amy in Booksmart (2019), she is only expected to gain more momentum in her career.

“There are so many things I loved about playing this character (Brynn). She has a major conflict. The emotions that she’s going through: they were real to me,” said Dever in an October 1st YouTube video with Cinema Judge. None of that is a surprise. She made it real for the audience as well.    

A Must-See for the Eyes and the Heart 

No One Will Save You is a science fiction horror delight and a must-see for those who like psychological thrillers. This film is streaming on Hulu and did not go to theaters, which is disappointing because it would’ve been amazing to see it on the big screen. Still, watch this film with a loved one and a big bowl of popcorn for a great Saturday night. No One Will Save You will thrill and surprise you; that is just half the fun of it. 

Stream No One Will Save You on Hulu now.

No One Will Save You (2023): A Review

No One Will Save You (2023) Official 20th Century Studios Clip

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