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Prime Video Announces It’s Cast For ‘Cruel Intentions’ Series Reboot

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Prime Video Announces It's Cast For 'Cruel Intentions' Series Reboot

The 1999 cult classic Cruel Intentions is making its return to screens. After three movies, the original being the best, fans will get an eight-episode series on Prime Video, and the cast has just been announced.

A Cult Classic Revival 

The series was picked up by Amazon back in April and will function as an update to the original 1999 film, which was based on the classic novel Dangerous Liaisons, written by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos. The modern retelling follows rich high schoolers in New York City as they navigate love and status. Sarah Michelle Geller, Ryan Phillippe, Reese Witherspoon, and Selma Blair are among the star-powering cast in the original film.

The same themes will be prevalent in the new series, but the story will take place in Washington, D.C., at an elite college. The official synopsis up until now is as follows:

“Two ruthless step-siblings will do anything to stay on top of the cutthroat social hierarchy. After a brutal hazing incident threatens the entire Panhellenic system at their school, they’ll do whatever is necessary to preserve their power and reputation, even if that means seducing the daughter of the vice president of the United States.” 

Fans of the cult classic will know that this plot is very similar to the original film. It will be interesting to see the changes made to make it resonate more with audiences today.

The series is produced by Sony Pictures Television and Amazon MGM Studios with Sara Goodman and Phoebe Fisher onboard as writers and executive producers. Neal H. Moritz will also serve as executive producer, and Roger Kumble, the writer and director of the original film, will join the team as executive producer. Based on the team behind the scenes, the series is heading in a good direction, but who will we see on screen? 

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The Cast 

Amazon’s Cruel Intentions stars Sarah Catherine Hook (First Kill), Zac Burgess (Totally Completely Fine), Savannah Lee Smith (Gossip Girl), Sara Silva (American Horror Stories), Khobe Clarke (Yellowjackets), John Harlan Kim (The Last Thing He Told Me, 9-1-1), Brooke Lena Johnson (You), and Sean Patrick Thomas (Till). Claire Forlani, Nikki Crawford, Isabella Tagliati, Zeke Goodman, and Jon Tenney are recurring. 

Nothing might ever top the original, but the new cast brings a fresh take on the cult classic. It also helps that the new class of actors has worked on great projects previously and will definitely be able to deliver on screen.

Prime Video’s Cruel Intentions series currently has no official release date. 

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Cruel Intentions (1999) Sony Pictures 20th Anniversary Trailer

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