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T.I.M. Trailer Sees Georgina Campbell Facing-Off Against An Obsessed A.I.

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An obsessed robot does whatever it takes for love

Georgina Campbell is quickly earning a reputation as a modern thrill magnet. From the horror mystery Barbarian to the sequel of the 2018 cultural phenomenon, Bird Box Barcelona. Campbell is quickly proving to be the go-to actress for thrill rides.

21st  Century Tiny Tim Has Issues

Campbell’s newest film T.IM. (which stands for Technologically Integrated Manservant which sounds like an Urban Dictionary entry) explores the idea of using AI as a robot servant for man. To be more specific, it follows a humanoid robot with advanced AI which becomes attached to Campbell’s character Abi. Couple this with a newly found life outside the big city and a sense of isolation that creates the perfect setting for an intense thriller.

Initially programmed to serve as an aid for Abi, things quickly take a turn when T.I.M suddenly develops an obsession with her. Essentially, the film aims to combine the premise of a crazed and obsessed stalker with that of advanced AI. The idea of AI one day overthrowing humanity is bad enough but what if it became obsessed with humanity instead?

Starting The Year Off Right

Unfortunately, T.I.M. won’t hit theaters until January 12, 2024. This is a missed opportunity since they could’ve marketed this as an unofficial spin off of A Christmas Carol. Imagining Tiny Tim as an obsessive and psychotic AI tormenting Ebenezer Scrooge would be a great way to get into the Holiday mood. Regardless, the trailer for the film will have to tide viewers over for now. The trailer itself could make for a convincing Christmas commercial with Campbell opening her “gift”. 

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T.I.M is marketed as the perfect, loyal manservant. The trailer, however, quickly shows how flawed this idea is when T.I.M suddenly develops love for his owner. Unlike other sci-fi thrillers which explore sentience in robots, this film explores that premise coupled with a misguided idea of love from a robot which makes for a unique experience. 

The film has a unique premise and equally unique cast outside of Georgina Campbell. This includes Amara Karan (Doctor Who), Earmon Farren (The Witcher), and Mark Rowely (The Last Kingdom). This will also be the directorial debut of Spencer Brown (Shed of the Dead). 

T.I.M is set to hit theaters and On Demand on January 12, 2024. Until then, check out the latest trailer below. 

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T.I.M (2024) Arthrofilm Official Trailer

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