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‘Monarch: Legacy of Monsters’ Episode 5 Review

Return to San Francisco On Cate’s Personal History

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters continues with its fifth episode, exploring Cate Randa’s story before and during G-day, the day Godzilla arrived in San Francisco. Lee Shaw remains in confinement, dealing with the interrogation from Monarch agents, giving insight into how the organization changed compared to his time. This episode will focus on Cate, her PTSD, and her guilt, along with showing her eventual progression out of her initial attitude toward the secrets of her father’s life. 

Return To San Francisco, Post G-day

Narratively, the Monsterverse doesn’t reference or mention San Francisco too much outside of the initial scenes and moments in Godzilla: King of the Monsters. In that film, San Francisco, along with parts of Las Vegas and Honolulu, remained abandoned and the source of new plant life wherever the Titans wandered, showcasing their ability to terraform the environment. Because that film takes place five years after the events of Godzilla 2014, showing the progression of the abandoned city becoming a primordial jungle is feasible and gives the idea that the titans are a part of the natural cycle of healing the planet.

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters takes place only one year after the battle and shows the gradual dissolution of the abandoned city. Armed military forces patrol for looters, and domestic animals have gone feral in the empty streets. There was also mention of  “disaster tours” made to illegally trespass in the ruins for those morbid enough to gawk at the devastation caused by the Godzilla’s battle in the city. Several buildings and structures remain intact enough for shelter and for Cate to recognize due to her time in the city as a teacher.

Cate Randa’s Past And Contextual Trauma

Cate Randa is revealed to have a complicated relationship with her mother, her peers, and her partners throughout her time before the events of G-day. She is openly uncomfortable with commitment, dismissive, and neglectful, and before Godzilla even showed up, she had loads of guilt from her everyday life. When we’re introduced to her mother, Caroline, it was revealed that her survivor’s guilt following the incident at the Golden Gate Bridge and the deaths of her students was so bad that she had to be pushed into investigating her father’s disappearance prior to the start of the series.

Both Monarch: Legacy of Monsters and the latest Toho film, Godzilla Minus One, show different behaviors and reactions of PTSD sufferers within disaster situations. While Godzilla Minus One follows Koichi’s struggles and eventual triumph with his trauma alongside Godzilla, Cate is utterly shell-shocked from Godzilla smashing through the bridge and the sudden deaths of her young charges. Combined with her relationship problems prior to the events of G-day, she ultimately falls into a downward spiral of guilt and self-loathing, resulting in her being a bitter and very cynical character who lashes out against any inconveniences she’s dealing with along with her sensitivities to the many triggers of her anxiety attacks. Her journey to heal from her PTSD is bound to be a rough one due to how unwilling and undeserving she feels for help and watching her overcome that with the search of her father. 


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The Halfway Point To The Story 

Episode 5 marks the halfway point of the story. By this point, all the major characters are introduced and given their fleshed-out motivations, perspectives, and backstory. There is still some mystery left to be resolved between Lee Shaw and his interpersonal relationships with Monarch, along with what is going to happen with the impending Titan emergence are the next major plot points to focus on. Cate and Kentaro are still on the search for their father, Hiroshi; this time, they found a lead following the pattern established by his research that might take them to another continent. 

However, May, who has been acting on her own outside of anyone’s influence, seems to be in communication with one of the Monarch agents. How this is going to affect what will happen in the future remains a mystery. Godzilla hasn’t appeared yet as well; however, the introduction to the creatures from the 1950s era and their plausible return indicate that soon he’ll appear in the next major emergence.

Final Rating

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters still holds up as a great follow-up to Godzilla 2014. Keeping much of the world-building and realism-induced drama/horror of living in a world where monsters suddenly exist. Five episodes in and the show was successful at developing the human characters while also building up the creature’s action and Monarch’s involvement with them. The next episode promises to return us to the 1950s era following young Lee Shaw and his friendship with the Monarch scientists following the initial nuking of Godzilla.


Monarch 5

Monarch Legacy of Monsters Episode 5 (2023) Official Apple TV Trailer

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