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‘Cruel Summer’ Canceled After Two Seasons

cruel summer canceled

The '90s Thriller Comes to a Cruel End

The 90’s thriller anthology series Cruel Summer has been canceled after two seasons. The show that premiered in 2021, followed by a second season in 2023, will not be following up with a new story or third season. 


The show was created by Bert V. Royal, and both seasons follow two completely different stories. Season one focuses on Jeanette and Kate, two teenage girls, during the mid-1990s, after one goes missing. Their complicated lives are intertwined, as everyone faces the consequences of the disappearance. Season two then follows Megan, Isabelle, and Luke from the years 1999 to 2000. The story here focuses on an intense friendship with ups and downs between the two girls on the brink of the new millennium.

Freeform picked up the series on January 17, 2020, and it was originally called Last Summer. Bert V. Royal was joined by Jessica Biel, Michelle Purple, and Max Winkler, who served as executive producers. Max Winkler also directed the pilot episodes. Entertainment One and Iron Ocean Productions were the production companies behind the anthology series. The show was later retitled Cruel Summer on May 18, 2020. Yet, there was a rough start to the season, with Royal exiting the series after the pilot after having disagreements with a network executive. Elle Triedman then replaced him as showrunner. Could these setbacks and issues have been a warning for the early and cruel demise of the show? 

cruel summer canceled

Cruel Summer Comes To An End 

Cruel Summer has been canceled by Freeform after only two seasons. Freeform has also canceled Good Trouble after five seasons. The network reportedl wanted to renew both shows, but “the rating for both Good Trouble and Cruel Summer didn’t juystify the costs of doing so.” This move is largely due to Disney attempting to cut costs by $2 billion.

Despite Cruel Summer‘s first season reaching great ratings and gathering an audience, season two did not do as well. The show started out strong, but viewership began falling, leading to the show’s cancellation. An understandable business move on Disney and Freeform’s part. If the show is no longer profitable, is there really a reason to continue making more seasons? Still, it could call into question quality and storytelling techniques that resulted in losing a larger number of viewers. Regardless, Cruel Summer has come to an end after a great, but short, run. 

Both seasons of Cruel Summer are now streaming on Hulu. 

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