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‘The Walking Dead: Betrayal’ Removed From Steam

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Other Ocean Interactive Will Be Issuing Early Access Players A Full Refund

AMC’s workhorse The Walking Dead: Betrayal has become the second game released this year that has been canceled by its developers. Skybound and Other Ocean Interactive are officially removing the game from Steam.

Canceled Before Release 

After three months of early access on Steam, The Walking Dead: Betrayal is being shut down and removed from the Steam client. Users who pre-purchased it will be receiving refunds after a statement was released by the developers on Steam.

“After considering a variety of paths forward, and with a great deal of discussion and reflection, Skybound Games and Other Ocean Interactive have decided to stop development on The Walking Dead: Betrayal. Despite the hard work put into the game, we were not able to find a path to build the spirited community of backstabbers we originally envisioned.”

Gameplay of The Walking Dead: Betrayal was a team-based survival board game where players must work together to complete objectives and escape from hoards of walkers. However, there were ‘traitor’ players among the group who could sabotage everything the team worked for by delaying repairs to camp. The goal of the ‘traitors’ was ultimately to betray and turn teammates on each other while surviving the walker hordes.

“On December 11, we will begin the process of removing the game from Steam, and as of December 15 the game will be shut down. All players who purchased the game will receive a full refund. We will provide updates on refunds here on Steam”

The cancellation of The Walking Dead: Betrayal rides hot on the tails of the unpopular reception that The Walking Dead: Destinies recently received. 

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The Walking Dead: Destinies 

Via Forbes’ review of The Walking Dead: Destinies, the unpopular critical reception of the game was due to the “hilariously terrible” combat and bad graphics. It takes players through the story of AMC’s The Walking Dead and retells the entire story letting players change the events of the show at key events.

What if Shane killed Rick? What if the Governor became an ally? Well it wasn’t enough to please fans of The Walking Dead just based on the 2/10 review it received on IGN. The project was developed by Gamemill Entertainment, a third-party video game publisher, and is available on all major platforms.  

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The Walking Dead: Betrayal (2023) Skybound Game Official Trailer

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