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Imaginary Friends Need Ryan Reynold’s Help In ‘IF’ Trailer

Ryan Reynolds

Krasinski Switches From Horror to Heart-Warming Family Comedies

After making two back-to-back horror films set in a dreary post-apocalyptic world, writer and director John Krasinski is switching things up. His new film, IF, looks like a burst of magic and wonder wrapped in a fun family comedy. Written and directed by Krasinski, the film heads an all-star cast including Ryan Reynolds, Cailey Fleming, and Steve Carell. Rounding out the supporting cast is Emily Blunt, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Sam Rockwell, Matt Damon, Vince Vaughn, Awkwafina, Sebastian Maniscalco, Richard Jenkins, and countless others. 

The film follows Fleming’s character, Bea, a young girl going through a difficult time. Suddenly, she can see IFs, or imaginary friends, who have been abandoned by their real-life friends that grew up. After gaining this newfound ability, she runs into a man known as the Man Upstairs (portrayed by Reynolds) who also can see everyone else’s IFs. The two team up to try and pair all the abandoned IFs with new kids, a tactic that may or may not be possible. 

The Imagination Behind IFs

In a new interview, Krasinski explains how he came up with the idea for IF. “I figured I needed to make a movie for my kids. Seeing as though Quiet Place is like PG-40 in our house—they won’t see Quiet Place till they’re 40,” he explained. “I figured I should make one for them.” When thinking of an idea for a film he could make for his children, he turned to his daughters for ideas. 

When speaking about his children’s imagination, Krasinski said, “I was so enamored by the world that my kids were going to by themselves. They were off on their own and clearly deep in imagination, whether it was a game, whether it was painting, whether it was doing art, all this stuff. They went into this locked-in place that I wish I could have visited.” Leaning into his daughters’ imagination, some of the characters in the film were inspired by them. “It’s the first time my kids have been a part of the process. So I got to talk to them very openly about, ‘I’m doing this because I see you guys have tea parties with no one, and it seems like you’re having a blast—who’s at that tea party and where is my invite?’ And they loved it. It was a really beautiful experience to get to do this alongside them. Both their imaginary friends are in the movie, which is really fun.”

IF trailer

Taking The Fate Life Gives You

These ideas began to swirl around Krasinski’s mind around the time he was in production of Jack Ryan season 1. When speaking to his producing partner, Allyson Seeger, Krasinski told her about the idea for the film. “I just told her, ‘I have this weird idea that we should do something where imaginary friends are not just adorable creatures. They’re these time capsules for everyone’s hopes, dreams, ambitions, and this place that we can always go back to that we all think that as adults we leave behind, but we didn’t. They’re right there. We just have to turn around and look at them again.”

While COVID was causing everyone to hunker down indoors, Krasinski took the opportunity to write the script for his family idea, using it as a palate cleanser from the two Quiet Place films. “I remember Emily saying to me, ‘I’m really glad that you’re doing this. And I said, ‘Why?’ And she’s like, ‘Because living in that dark, dark place is really tough for too long.’ And coming from [Blunt’s character] Mary Poppins, I thought, she must know what she’s talking about.” 

Being a Hope in the Darkness

During the lockdown, Krasinski blew up YouTube with his web series, Some Good News. Creating that channel had been “one of the most transformative experiences” and “the honor of a lifetime”, due to the series brightening up people’s day during a difficult time. “I remember saying to Emily when I first started thinking of writing the script for IF, ‘I want this to be some good news in movie form,’” he explained. “I want people to feel like there’s someone there for them, even on days that they feel like they aren’t going to make it or it’s not a great day. That in any day, whether it’s a good day or a bad day, there’s always someone there for you, and that believing in something bigger and beautiful will get you to the next day.” 

This lesson becomes the main takeaway from the project. “I’ve got to say, it sounds insane, but I created the movie as this fun thing for everybody to go through and make people think again about what it was like being a kid, and realize that it didn’t go anywhere. You just changed, and you feel like you’ve got to do all these spreadsheets and work all these long hours, but the truth is, any time you want to go back, you can. And in making that movie, I think I believe it more and more every single day. I genuinely am looking for my imaginary friend more often than I thought I would.” 

IF premieres in theaters on May 17, 2024.

Original IF Paramount Pictures Teaser Trailer

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