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More True Crime Content Coming to Hulu From ABC News Studios

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The streaming service will be updating its true crime content next year.

Hulu is getting a new set of true crime documentaries courtesy of ABC New Studios. Daughters of the Cult, Season 2 of Death in the Dorms, and Me, Hereafter will be three new additions following the plethora of true crime content added to Hulu since 2022. Here’s what you need to know about what’s coming up. 

Daughters Of The Cult 

Launching on January 4, Daughters of the Cult will be a mini-five-episode series that looks at the history of a Mormon fundamentalist cult that committed violent acts. The leader, Ervil LeBaron, also known as the “Mormon Manson,” will be the main focus of the piece, as will how he manipulated those around him to commit horrendous acts across the Southwest and Mexico. The series will feature interviews with ex-members, some of whom are LeBaron’s children, and the experts who worked on the murder cases, thus providing insight into the conditions of the cult and the lives they led. The story of the cult will come to light through their first-hand experience.

The team producing the docuseries is ABC News Studios, All3Media, and Main Event Media. Executive producers are as follows: David Sloan is the senior executive producer, followed by Emily Bon, Jimmy Fox, Jacob Cohen-Holmes, Beth Hoppe, and Smith Glover. Sara Mast will direct the series. It will be interesting to see how the story is told through their eyes. 

Death in the Dorms Season Two 

On November 2, Disney announced on X that Death in the Dorms is returning to Hulu for a second season. It has recently been revealed that the season will premiere on February 22. The story follows six new stories of college students spanning across several universities. All stories are connected through tragedy, as each student focused on in the season has passed away due to violent crimes. 

The stories being told are as follows: Latasha Norman, an accounting major from Jackson State University; Max Gruver, a freshman at Louisiana State University; Marlin Barnes, a linebacker, and Timwanika Lumpkins from the University of Miami; Jenna Burleigh, a film studies major at Temple University; Haley Anderson at Binghamton University, who was studying nursing; and Patrick Moffly, a student at the College of Charleston.

The show is produced by ABC News Studios, Sony’s The Intellectual Property Corporation, and Yes, Like The River. David Sloan, once again, serves as senior executive producer, and Carrie Cook is executive producing as well. Nile Cappello from Yes, Like The River and Eli Holzman, Aaron Saidman, and Myles Reiff from The Intellectual Property Corporation are also on the project as executive producers. 

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Me, Hereafter 

Me, Hereafter, will be streaming on Hulu on February 29. The series takes a different approach to telling true crime stories compared to the two docuseries mentioned above. This show will function as a four-episode docu-drama. The twist is that the murder investigations depicted on screen will be told from the perspective of those who have passed away. 

The unique approach will also be aided by never-before-seen investigation footage, interrogation videos, dramatic retellings of events, and, of course, interviews with those surrounding the case. Viewers will be led through the investigation from beyond the grave with an interesting blend of fact and fiction. Several cases will be shown throughout the series, such as the mysterious disappearance of a pregnant woman from her family’s apartment, the murder of a real estate agent, and the case of a funeral director and his intern being shot inside their funeral home. There are plenty more true stories told throughout the series.

Me, Hereafter is produced by ABC News Studios and Committee Films. David Sloan, again, will be the senior executive producer as he works and represents ABC News Studios. Also on the team from ABC News is Eamon McNiff, who is a senior producer. Committee Films’ Andy Awes and Maria Awes will also work on the project as executive producers.

Be sure to catch these three new true crime docuseries when they hit streaming on Hulu! Daughters of the Cult comes out on January 4. Death in the Dorms comes out on February 22. Finally, Me, Hereafter comes out on February 29!

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