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A24 Releases Trailer For ‘Civil War’

Alex Garland’s Allegory for Civil War

A24 has just dropped the trailer for their upcoming film, Civil War. From the writer-director of Ex Machina and Annihilation, Alex Garland’s next film stars Kirsten Dunst, Wagner Moura, Stephen McKinley Henderson, Cailee Spaeny, Jesse Plemons, and Nick Offerman.

Announced to be released in theatres on April 26, 2024, Civil War’s plot focuses on a dystopian United States during a second civil war that is ravaging the country. The trailer shows Dunst (Marie Antoinette) and Moura (Narcos) as they make their way across the war-torn cities of America as they try to reach the White House. When 19 states secede, Texas and California ally together as the Western Forces that are rebelling against the President. The trailer reveals Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation) as the fascist President of the United States, the film’s antagonist. Not much has been revealed about the plot from the trailer, but it is safe to say that moviegoers will not be disappointed during this explosive film that hits close to home.

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Garland’s Grandeurs

As he does with most of his films, Alex Garland wrote and directed Civil War himself. Last May, in an interview with The Telegraph, he revealed that the idea surrounding the film was based on his own perception of America’s politically polarized state; one could call this his own allegory for the current state of the country. 

Civil War is set at an indeterminate point in the future– just far enough ahead for me to add a conceit– and serves as a sci-fi allegory for our currently polarized predicament.”

It is likely not by coincidence that the film is being released in the same year as one of the most anticipated Presidential elections; Garland’s film and commentary are well-timed and likely to make an impact. His other films produced through A24 include Ex Machina (2014), Annihilation (2018), and Men (2022); he also wrote the film 28 Days Later. Alex Garland is an award-winning writer-director who has won three British Independent Film Awards, including Best Screenplay, Director, and British Independent Film.


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