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‘Monarch: Legacy of Monsters’ Episode 6: A Review

monarch legacy of monsters

The Trail to the Truth Leads To Godzilla!

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters episode 6 takes us back to Cate and Keitaro finding out their father’s next major location on their makeshift map. This will take them to Africa alongside Lee Shaw. The episode also marks the return to the 1950s storyline, fleshing out the relationships of young Shaw and the eventual fallout between him, Keiko, and Bill Randa. Godzilla also makes a shocking reemergence, bringing the impending kaiju action to the forefront. This is the episode that starts getting the Godzilla-centered action into the forefront, setting up his upcoming clashes with the humans and other monsters.

Returning the the ’50s/Adventure to Africa

After two episodes focusing on the backstory and personal developments of the main characters Cate and Kentaro, episode 6 takes the narrative back to the 1950s featuring young Lee Shaw and his time with the Monarch scientists Keiko and Bill Randa. The story of Godzilla’s reemergence reveals the exact moment when Monarch as an organization started to “lose” its original focus as the U.S military took control of their main operations. Every moment of Monarch’s confused leadership throughout the Monsterverse can be traced to this moment when Lee Shaw inadvertently allowed the change of command.

In the modern timeline, Cate, Kentaro and May got a ride to their next major destination, the Desert of Africa. They got help from Lee Shaw, who escaped his confinement from Monarch thanks to the intervention of the french agent Michelle, the partner of other Monarch agent Tim in the earlier episodes. This portion of the episode shows the issues of Monarch’s organization and the disillusionment of many of their agents, leading up to the issues present in Godzilla: King of the Monsters. It’s clear that Godzilla is hunting for something, and these gamma tracks are a clue to what may be his next destination.

The Fallout Of Relationships 

Much of this episode shows the fragility of trust and the unfortunate fallout of breaking said trust. Both May and Lee Shaw are subject to this common theme. Throughout the series, May has shown an unorthodox level of mistrust to anyone who seems to challenge her. With this episode and the few hints shown in the previous ventures, it is revealed that her attitude towards Kentaro, Lee Shaw, and Monarch as a whole is a projection of a hidden past and she herself acts as untrustworthy as those she accuses. Much of Shaw’s disenchantment with Monarch is also shown to be a result of his indecisiveness, lack of trusts, and a lapse of judgment that led to the organization losing their autonomy to the U.S military in the ’50s.

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters

As a result of Shaw’s actions in the past, the rocky foundations of the secretive organization were formed, making a combined mess of genuine scientists who want to discover, and elusive militants who seek to bury evidence, truth, and even witnesses. This was also the turning point that fractured the relationship Shaw had with Keiko and Bill, along with further convincing them to hide the existence of other monsters from record. This will then lead to many of the tragedies that will occur in the Monsterverse, from Keiko’s death to Bill Randa’s fate in Skull Island, and Godzilla’s battle in San Francisco. Trust in relationships can change the course of legacy and history, and this episode has shown their downfall due to the breaking of trust.

Godzilla Makes a Formidable Return

Godzilla makes his first full appearance in the series since the San Francisco flashback and the Castle Bravo event in the 50s. His arrival shows not only that he survived the atom bomb, but also grew significantly stronger. He also somehow was resting in the mountain ranges of the African Desert before waking up and noticing the human characters. Godzilla moves on, in both scenes that he appeared in he was presented with gravitas and a grand sense of scale. Godzilla’s build up throughout the series has been similar to the 2014 film down to the sense of weight, power, and realism that was missed in the recent film installments like KOTM and Godzilla vs Kong.

Godzilla presents himself with two different forms, showing when and where he changed between the films Godzilla 2014 and Godzilla King of the Monsters. In the sequences during the 50s and the San Francisco flashbacks, Godzilla retains his original appearance known as GareGoji, named after the design Gareth Edwards used in the 2014 film. Following his emergence from the Algerian Sahara, Godzilla now appears the way he does in KOTM and Godzilla vs Kong, named Doughegoji, after Michael Doughtery’s take on the character. The key distinctions in both designs are his bulk, body size, and the shape of his larger back spines with several shapes based on the 1954 Godzilla spines. These changes were explored in a Monsterverse comic book Godzilla: Aftershock, which took place after the film and before this series. 

Final Rating

With episode 6 ending with the big reveal of Godzilla on the move and many of the character motivations/intentions are laid out, with the exception being May, who will get her shady backstory revealed in the upcoming episode. So far, each episode has done a good job showing the flaws of our “heroes” and Monarch while also humanizing the organization with characters that are trying their utmost to understand what’s going on to help avoid another horrific tragedy. The plot thickens even further especially now with Hiroshi being shown alive and on his own mission and Godzilla has returned into the fray, chasing a new danger on the horizon.

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