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Two New ‘Peaky Blinders’ Spin-off Series In Development

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After suffering a bleak midwinter, Peaky Blinders fans are finally getting what they have been craving — not one, but two new spin-off series from the wildly popular period crime drama. 

Details On the Two Spin-Off Series 

According to Bloomberg, the popular period crime drama Peaky Blinders will be getting two spin-off series. Both sound incredibly interesting, and they haven’t released much information about them. 

The first spin-off will be set in Boston, a location that played a pivotal role in the last season of the original show. It will take place in the middle of the 20th century, several decades after the conclusion of Peaky Blinders. Another note about the spin-off is that James Frenchville, who played the South Boston crime leader Jack Nelson, could appear. He was in season 6 of Peaky Blinders, so the connection would be easy to create.

The second spin-off is where many fans may either love or hate. This series will focus on the character Polly, formally played by Helen McCrory, the favorite matriarch of the Shelby family. Sadly, McCrory herself passed away right before the filming of the last season of Peaky Blinders began in 2021. Thus, this second spin-off may follow Polly when she is much younger. Those are huge shoes to fill if the studios are heading towards that route.

Manifested By Cillian Murphy & Creator? 

Cillian Murphy starred in Peaky Blinders as Thomas “Tommy” Shelby, the mastermind behind the family business. His character was cold, calculative, and complicated all at the same time. He was a character that fans gravitated towards for several reasons, Murphy’s splendid acting for starters. The series debuted on BBC One in the UK in September 2013 and was created by British filmmaker Steve Knight.

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Since the show ended, there has been talk about a spin-off series and possibly even a movie. Steven Knight recently updated the Radio Times about the idea of the movie, saying that it’s in the final stages of being written.

“I’m just working on the final bits of it at the moment, ” he said, “the plan is to start shooting that in the middle of the next year,” he continued.

Earlier this month, in an interview with Margo Robbie, Murphy said he would be “open” to returning to a movie adaptation.

“It’s sometimes hard to move into the film format, and I do like the ambiguity of the ending, but I’m always open to a great script, who wouldn’t be?” he said.

Fans who wish to get caught up or rewatch Peaky Blinders from the beginning can find it on Netflix. Those who have never seen the series should go and watch it. By order of the Peaky Blinders!

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Peaky Blinders (2022) BBC Series 6 Official Trailer

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