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“Max Payne” Voice Actor Passes Away

James McCaffery Dies at Age 65

Celebrity deaths always make headline news but what about voice actors? The world of voice acting is relatively small compared to traditional entertainment so when there is a death it can have a huge impact on the industry. But if voice actor Troy Baker were to die tomorrow, a large number of games in progress would never see the light of day. With this, James McCaffery, the voice actor for the popular Rockstar Games series Max Payne has passed away from cancer at the age of 65.


When people first think of Max Payne, most will undoubtedly imagine the face of Sam Lake. Because well; his actual face was used for the model of the titular character. But what they probably don’t know is he was also responsible for the level design and writing behind the game.

While Lake is undoubtedly multitalented, he is not the voice behind gaming’s most unlucky cop. Instead, that honor goes to James McCaffery. For all three entries in the video game series, McCaffery did an amazing job of consistently bringing the character to life. The news of his death hits even harder given the fact that IGN reported about the first two Max Payne entries being remade back in October. As of now, it’s unknown as to what impact his death will have on these remakes. It’s hard to imagine a Max Payne game without the classic voice of McCaffery. Aside from voice acting, he also took on in-person acting roles in television. These include the shows Rescue Me and Swift Justice, to name a few.

Sam Lake and James McCaffery

The Payne is Real

McCaffery’s cause of death is reported to be multiple myeloma which, as described by the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation, is a blood plasma cancer. It is rare and treatment has made few advancements over the years. It’s unclear as to how long he had been going through this, however, it is possible to survive twenty years post diagnosis. McCaffery’s death comes only a few days after the death of Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s very own Andre Braugher who died on December 11, 2023. Ironically, Braugher also died as a result of his battle with lung cancer.

For fans wanting to experience McCaffery’s voice outside the Max Payne series. Most recently, he voiced the character Zachariah Trench in Control and Alex Casey in Alan Wake II. He also voiced Edward Carnby in the 2008 Alone in the Dark game.

Max Payne 3 Wallpaper

Max Payne 3 Official Rockstar Games Launch Trailer

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