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‘Echo’ Director, Sydney Freeland, Explains New Marvel Series

'Echo' Director, Sydney Freeland, Explains New Marvel Series

Sydney Freeland Discusses Representation and a “Never Before Seen” Set Piece

With the upcoming release of Marvel’s Echo on Disney+, showrunner Sydney Freeland gave a rundown during the interview. In it, she discussed how the series will tackle themes of family from an Indigenous perspective and how the action in the TV-MA show will differ from the rest of Marvel.

The Place of Echo in the MCU

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, the showrunner of Echo for Disney+, Sydney Freeland, told fans what to expect. During the interview, she went over how Echo will explore Maya Lopez’ indigenous background and how the action will be much rougher given the show’s TV-MA rating. 

The release of Echo comes during a low period for the once-dominant Marvel Cinematic Universe. The previous entry, The Marvels, had the worst box office results of the entire saga, and shows such as Secret Invasion and Ms. Marvel had lower ratings than earlier ones. The optimistic reception to the show’s early teasers and trailers is hopefully a good sign.

Family and Indigenous Representation 

One of main focuses of Echo will be the titular heroine Maya Lopez returning to her roots as a member of the Choctaw Nation while on the run from Kingpin’s forces. Freeland, a Navajo herself, made sure to work closely with the community to make sure they were portrayed accurately. 

The showrunner also explained what the idea of family within Indigenous communities means will be part of the show. She said, “You can have someone you’re close to, and you’re not biologically related, but that’s my brother or that’s my sister.” Along with being Indigenous, Maya is also the first deaf lead in an MCU production and the second hero since Makkari in Eternals.

'Echo' Director, Sydney Freeland, Explains New Marvel Series

New Action to the MCU 

While Freeland takes pride in the Indigenous culture of Echo, she also discussed the action depicted. While most of the recent Marvel productions have had cosmic stakes with equally fantastical action, Echo will be far more down-to-earth and realistic. Adding to this is the fact that this will be the first TV-MA series in the MCU. 

One of the main factors to the show’s action was Maya’s status as a villain in Hawkeye, allowing her to get her hands dirty. Freeland explained to executives and writers, “That’s the character and that’s the world: She’s a criminal and she’s a villain, she’s killing people.” 

Lastly, Freeland said, “but there’s a set piece in the second episode that I can honestly say has never been seen before on film.” She also hinted that this came from their collaboration with the Choctaw. What she means by this has yet to be seen, though given her confidence in the rest of the show, viewers can expect something special.

Echo will release on January 9 on Disney+ and Hulu.

'Echo' Director, Sydney Freeland, Explains New Marvel Series

Echo (2024) Official Marvel Studios Trailer

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