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‘Monarch: Legacy of Monsters’ Episode 7, A Review

Joe Tippet as Tim, Monarch Legacy of Monsters | Image: Apple TV+

May’s Past Is Revealed And Nefarious Plans Is In Motion

Episode 7 of Monarch: Legacy of Monsters picks up as Cate and Kentaro consider their next steps to find Hiroshi when May, who revealed her deal with the Monarch agent, disappears. Meanwhile, Tim, the main Monarch agent invested in them, narrowly escaped his run-in with Godzilla and met up with them to help find May in order to understand their father’s intentions and her past. 

May’s Past Is Shown, And Shaw’s Motives Are Revealed

This episode mostly focuses on May, now known by her real name, Corah. She is revealed to have worked for a secretive Tech company known as Applied Experimental Technologies (AET). Upon discovering their shady dealings and where her coding abilities are applied, Corah hacks into the company, wipes their research, and disappears into Japan, where she meets Kentaro. This episode follows the same pacing as episodes 4 and 5, focusing on Corah’s backstory and what she was doing before the show.

It does well to show why she has grown cynical of talent-seeking agencies, her distrust of authority like Monarch, and her projected viewpoint towards secrets and lies despite having plenty of her own. Lee Shaw has begun his own plan against Monarch, taking over a facility and taking armaments to face the Frost Vark titan in its lair. His takeover of an outpost and sudden shift against the Monarch organization are very reminiscent of the motivations of Emma Russel, the primary human antagonist in Godzilla: King of the Monsters responsible for awakening King Ghidorah.

The Dramatic Changes Of Character Dynamics

Something that’s been happening in the show for a while is that character relationships, dynamics, and borderline personalities shift and turn on their heads. Cate’s resentment towards her father is replaced with curiosity, and she seems more mellow on the subject. Instead, Kentaro is upset and indignant about their father leaving due to Godzilla’s arrival. May/Corah’s tension with Cate and Kentaro was resolved nearly instantaneously, which seems kinda of weird due to the character’s fluctuating temperaments, and there was little to no focus on their upset before Cate decided to rescue and reconcile with May/Corah in this episode.

Tim plays a more significant part in this episode; having survived his close encounter with Godzilla and providing context and closure to Cate and Kentaro, he definitely shows the brighter side of Monarch alongside his cooperative superior. On the other hand, Lee Shaw has shown his true colors alongside the rebelling members of Monarch as he decided to take over one of their outposts and loads up to confront the phenomena in Alaska outside of Monarch’s control. While his motivations seem noble, his actions during the takeover were a very ominous callback to Emma Rusell’s betrayal that occurs in King of the Monsters.

Kurt Russell as Lee Shaw in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters | Image: Apple TV+

Foreshadowing A New Enemy

Corah’s former tech job, the AET, is shown to be up to some morally questionable experiments revolving around animal testing. Upon witnessing this, Corah does what she can to disrupt them. This puts her on the run and drives her to escape to Japan. After being taken back to them, it took some time before Cate and Kentaro got her out with Tim’s help. But before that, a mysterious bargain was made with the CEO of the company and Monarch, and the company soon revealed its rebranded name and mission, Apex Industries, to conquer Godzilla’s world.

Apex Industries is a major company that shows most of its influence during the events of Godzilla vs. Kong, which took place nine years after this series. Their technology and innovations involve cybernetics, experimenting on creatures, and constructing Mechagodzilla, Godzilla’s major enemy aside from Kong in the film. This episode of Monarch showcases the humble beginnings of this ominous company that threatens Godzilla and the other Titans of the world in subtle ways.

Final Rating

The reveal of Apex Industries is a major highlight in the episode, showing where the company started. Lee Shaw’s bold actions against Monarch while containing the odd solar phenomena that was seen in Alaska in episode 4 adds another level of mystery to the already riddle-filled season of the show. With three episodes left to see, there’s no doubt that Shaw’s actions are connected to something that happened in the 50s, which is most likely the reason for his disconnection from Monarch. Another emergence is on the horizon, and what will happen next remains open.

Mirelly Taylor as Natalia Verdugo in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters | Image: Apple TV+

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters (2023) Apple TV+ Episode 7 Trailer

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