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‘Twisted Metal’ Season 2 To Introduce Fan-Favorite Characters

After Peacock greenlit a second season of their adaptation of “Twisted Metal,” several new characters were announced. Stephanie Beatriz stars as Quiet, Anthony Mackie stars as John Doe, and Samoa Joe stars as Sweet Tooth in the series poster.

Watch Out For Epic 'Twisted Metal' Fan Favorites

With the success of their Twisted Metal series, Peacock greenlit a second season. Along with continuing the story, several other iconic characters from the game will make their on-screen debuts. 

What to Expect from the Next Season 

During an interview with NBC Insider, Twisted Metal showrunner Michael Johnathan Smith announced that the upcoming second season will continue the story and bring in more characters from the game. During the interview, he confirmed that they have already begun assembling the writers’ room for Episode 1 and the arc of the season overall. The main focus of the next arc will be the tournament at the heart of the video games, where all of the lunatics come together to duke it out. As a former writer of Cobra Kai, he used his experience on the show to capture the focus and stakes of the competition. However, Smith has confirmed little else beyond the tournament, so what’s next on the road will be a surprise. Additionally, this rough road trip will feature a mixtape of ‘90s and 2000s music. 

Which Characters Are Coming?  

Smith revealed that several iconic characters from the franchise will make their live-action debut. The first of these is Calypso, the enigmatic host of the tournaments. While he was a devilish wish granter in the games, no supernatural elements have appeared in the show so far.

After Peacock greenlit a second season of their adaptation of “Twisted Metal,” several new characters were announced. Anthony Mackie stars as John Doe and
Samoa Joe stars as Sweet Tooth.
This image is courtesy of “Twisted Metal” from Peacock and Sony Pictures Television and created by Michael Johnathan Smith. Cinematography is by James McMillan.

Next, he teased a “really cool” direction for the debut of Dollface, who was announced as the long-lost sister of protagonist John Doe in this adaptation. One major addition will be “Mr. Grimm,” the grim reaper in the world of Twisted Metal. Smith said he was excited to see how Grimm “exists in the world [they] set up” and how he would interact with characters such as Sweet Tooth. Last but not least is Axel, one of the more bombastic characters of the game. While Smith confirmed the challenge in adapting him to the show’s world, he promised the same respect given to the rest of the game. As no actors have been announced, fans can only speculate who will be cast. 

Where Will Twisted Metal Go Afterwards? 

The interview concluded by confirming that Twisted Metal will continue for as long as fans will support it. He said, “A post-apocalyptic backdrop, combined with a revolving door of colorful characters, means the storytelling permutations are nearly endless.” Because the game franchise has so many different iconic characters and set pieces, this confidence in the show’s storytelling potential is justified. Season 1 of Twisted Metal raced past expectations as far as video game adaptations go. With other adaptations such as The Last of Us and the Sonic films, gamers can rest easy knowing their stories have been safely emulated on the silver screen. 

The first season of Twisted Metal is available to stream on Peacock.

After Peacock greenlit a second season of their adaptation of “Twisted Metal,” several new characters were announced. Stephanie Beatriz stars as Quiet and
Anthony Mackie stars as John Doe.
TWISTED METAL — “R04DK11” Episode 109 — Pictured: (l-r) Stephanie Beatriz as Quiet, Anthony Mackie as John Doe — (Photo by: Skip Bolen/Peacock)

Twisted Metal (2023) Official Peacock Trailer

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