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Emma Stone Confirms Disney’s “Cruella 2” is Currently in the Works

Emma Stone Confirms Disney’s “Cruella 2” is Currently in the Works

If She Doesn’t Scare You, No Evil Thing Will

Production for the sequel of the dog-hating Disney villain was supposed to start right after the release of the original, but never began. Now, almost three years after the live-action film, Emma Stone, the actress who plays Cruella De Vil, says the sequel will “hopefully begin sooner rather than later.”

The Woman in Black and White

Cruella De Vil started out as a cartoon character in the movie 101 Dalmatians, which premiered in 1961. A live-action remake was released in 1996. Both films followed the storyline of a ghastly woman who wants to use dalmatian skin for fur and sends her two henchmen to steal puppies. Disney released a live-action origin story of the villain in 2021 as played by Emma Stone. The film did extremely well in the box office and had a worldwide box office making of over 230 million dollars. Fans began to sympathize with Cruella for once after seeing what she went through growing up. She also became adored by fans and a Halloween costume for some.

Everywhere You Look

Emma Stone is best known for her roles in Easy A and The Amazing Spider-Man. As of recently, she was in Poor Things, which received multiple Golden Globe awards. As one of the best actresses working right now, another one of her most notable roles is as Cruella De Vil. She did an amazing job in this role, as she made people root for a character they thought they would always hate. As she is in so many roles, it is kind of concerning that she might be too busy for a role in a Disney movie, but Stone’s words give a promising feel for those waiting for the sequel.

Emma Stone Confirms Disney’s “Cruella 2” is Currently in the Works
Picture credit: USA Today | People in picture from left to right: Joel Fry, Emma Stone, and Paul Walter Hauser

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With Dreams of Being a Designer 

In 2021, Stone reportedly completed the signing to be Cruella again in the sequel, but apparently nothing moved forward. Unfortunately, nothing is currently known about the plot of the film. However, Craig Gillespie, the director of the original, and Tony McNamara, the screenwriter, will be returning to the project. Cruella 2 was originally supposed to begin production just one week after Cruella was released into theaters. Variety had a red carpet interview with Stone where she called the sequel a “work in progress” multiple times. It seems she doesn’t really know when production will start, as, when asked, she told the interviewer, “you tell me” in a joking manner. Stone discussed loving the role and called the character “a blast,” so there’s hope for a sequel soon.

She’ll Be Back

As stated previously, nothing is known about the sequel. Cruella was one of Emma Stone’s best works, so great things are expected, especially with the same team being involved. Now that there’s no question on whether or not Stone would reprise the role, it’s up to Disney to get the ball rolling. Disney has other films in the works, so a sequel for Cruella might not be at the top of their list, but as Stone said, it should happen sooner rather than later. Hopefully, more details will come in with the new year and new releases. Stay tuned for more information as it comes in.

Emma Stone Confirms Disney’s “Cruella 2” is Currently in the Works
Picture credit: Radio Times | People in picture: Paul Walter Hauser, Emma Stone, Joel Fry

Cruella (2021) Official Disney Trailer

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