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Why ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Deserves A Third Movie

Peter Parker’s Story Hasn’t Ended

When Spider-Man: No Way Home slung its way into theaters, spidey fans had their minds blown by all the surprise cameos from previous films. Fans of the Raimiverse enjoyed seeing the return of Doctor Octopus, The Green Goblin, and the Sandman. Meanwhile, those who favored Marc Webb’s Spiderverse were familiar with the appearances of the Lizard and Electro. But perhaps the biggest and most shocking reveal was witnessing all three Spider-Men–Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland–unite together to take down the villains terrorizing Holland’s universe.

It was the first time these three icons shared the big screen and a historical moment in superhero cinema to say the least. Although, out of the three spider people, there is one who stands out among the rest. Andrew Garfield’s reprisal of his universe’s Peter Parker in No Way Home garnered the respect and love of fans, something that was exceedingly lacking in his first two Spider-Man films. Since then, fans have been pining for another Amazing Spider-Man film. Some fans have signed a petition on Change.org called “Make ‘Amazing Spider-Man 3’ starring Andrew Garfield.” With over 30,000 signatures, it is clear that many would be excited to see a third film in the Webb universe. Here is why The Amazing Spider-Man deserves a third movie. 

The Only Live-Action Spidey Without a Trilogy 

The first and obvious reason why there should be another movie is because it is the only live-action Spider-Man series without a trilogy. Many fans remember Tobey Maguire as their first Peter Parker growing up. In the Raimiverse, viewers get to see his character grow from a nerdy, introverted, naive young man to a popular, adored, and selfless hero. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Holland’s portrayal of Spider-Man is very similar and also develops his character in a series known as the “Home trilogy.” Here, Peter goes from a nerdy, unpopular teenager to a mature, uncertain young man who is finding his place in the world. 

But compared to these two, Garfield’s Spider-Man never got the chance to undergo a well-rounded character arc. He only has his origin story in The Amazing Spider-Man, where he discovers his powers and is unwillingly pulled into a bigger world left behind by his father. In The Amazing Spider-Man 2, the web-slinger is haunted by Gwen’s father’s promise to keep her out of his superhero life. But ultimately, his worst fear is realized when he loses her at the conclusion of the film. That is virtually the end of his story, and while he does make a return in Spider-Man: No Way Home, his Spider-Man is robbed of having a fully developed character. Sure, he redeemed himself a little in No Way Home, but there are still many questions that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 left unanswered. 

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The Sinister Six 

Speaking of unanswered questions, there is still quite a bit of source material the second film has to build off of.  At the end of the film, there is a post-credit scene where a mysterious figure goes to a prison to visit Harry Osborn, now the Green Goblin. The figure later passes by several encasements at Oscorp containing several familiar suits including Doctor Octopus’ arms, the Vulture’s Wings, and the Rhino’s suit. These villains are known to be members of The Sinister Six in other storylines and are notorious for including popular Spidey villains who band together to decisively defeat Peter Parker. 

Interestingly though, only three members have been teased, whereas the identities of the other half of the group are mysteriously unknown. There have been many different versions of this villainous group, where some include Sandman, Mysterio, Electro, and even Venom. However, given the sequel’s plot and the pattern of introducing unused villains from other films, it’s possible that the other members would be villains who have yet to make an appearance in a live-action movie. Who these other members are is still unknown. Nonetheless, this only adds more coals to the fire for a third film that has left a rather troublesome cliffhanger.

The Writing  

Perhaps the biggest flaw that the first two films struggled with is the poor writing. Some viewers argued that the first movie had an incoherent plot that dragged on with unnecessary scenes. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 received even worse reviews, with fans stating that there were too many characters making the film rushed or underdeveloped. The very first villain that Spider-Man faces in this movie is the Rhino, a man in a rhinoceros-shaped tank armed with heavy artillery. Initially, the trailers teased his role as being essential alongside Electro and the new Green Goblin. 

However, viewers were greatly misled and disappointed to find out that the main focus of the film revolves around Electro with only some minor involvement from Rhino and Goblin. The Green Goblin’s transformation occurs near the very end of the film, which results in him having only one fight scene with the web-slinger. Rhino has it worse, only appearing at the beginning and end essentially functioning as Spidey’s punching bag. Electro on the other hand was the only consistent part of the film, but even his character suffers poor reception due to his questionable design and character development.


Overall, the biggest issue is perhaps Peter Parker himself. Compared to the friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man in Maguire and Holland’s performances, Garfield’s Peter feels severely underdeveloped even with the death of his universe’s Gwen. But there is still hope to change all of this in a third film because his appearance in No Way Home proves he could be written in a more emotionally relatable way. 

With his recent success in No Way Home and a mountain of questions, plot holes, and underdeveloped characters, there are more than enough reasons. Rumors of Garfield reprising his role in a Spider-Man Spinoff and even possibly appearing in Venom 3 were circulating via an article on InsideTheMagic.net, but unfortunately not much has been confirmed. Still, these rumors suggest that Sony has more than enough reason to bring back Garfield’s wall-crawler, whether or not he will return in a full-length film has yet to be confirmed.

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