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Why Are There No Avengers In ‘Secret Invasion?’

With the conclusion of “Secret Invasion,” many Marvel fans wonder why Nick Fury didn’t call the Avengers.

Why did Nick Fury go Solo for this Mission?

While Marvel’s Secret Invasion may have disappointed many fans, there are still those intrigued by its story. For those who are intrigued by the series, its mysteries, and its impact on the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe, one of the many questions that remain among fans is why Nick Fury didn’t call in the Avengers. This is not the first time this question has risen, but here, fans are especially curious. One major reason for this is that the original Secret Invasion comic involved most teams in the Marvel Universe. Here is the answer to Fury’s choice to handle matters himself. Beware, Secret Invasion spoiler warning for the following! 

Skrull Avengers 

While this is a common question asked in many solo superhero films, Nick Fury does give a clear answer to this question onscreen. During Episode 2, “Promises,” War Machine/Rhodey asks why they won’t call the Avengers in. Fury himself says, “You know, we get them in a fight with the Skrulls, and the next thing you know, they find themselves duplicated and turned into terrorists.” With the Skrulls being able to replace the Avengers with imposters, the series would quickly turn into a superhero version of Among Us (2017) or The Thing (1982). 

The danger of Skrulls sneaking onto the Avengers’ team is not only a hidden possibility but the very foundation of the original comic. The whole focus of the series was the idea that any of their heroes could be an imposter, with the tagline being “Who can you trust?” By the end of the TV series, Fury’s fears were vindicated as Rhodey himself had been a Skrull for an unspecified amount of time. While the series may have overlooked the main cast of the comics, we at least got one surprise impostor. 

Compounding this was the risk of relying too much on the Avengers’ power in international affairs. As was shown in Captain America: Civil War, the destructive power of the Avengers could sometimes cause as many problems as they solve, as with Lagos and Sokovia. With the Avengers having such a tenuous relationship with the government, it makes sense that their involvement would bring too many risks.

Drawing Too Much Uneeded Attention 

First and foremost, the Secret Invasion series is a spy thriller where battles aren’t won through raw strength but through cunning and information. Just as with the previous reason, having more manpower simply wouldn’t cut it. Fury himself has built up his reputation as a spymaster and espionage expert, so that’s how he went about on this quest.

With the conclusion of “Secret Invasion,” many Marvel fans wonder why Nick Fury didn’t call the Avengers. Robert Downey Jr stars as Tony Stark, and Samuel L. Jackson stars as Nick Fury in "Avengers. "
Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment; Robert Downey Jr stars as Tony Stark, and Samuel L. Jackson stars as Nick Fury in “Avengers.”

Additionally, because most of the Avengers are public celebrities, involving them would no doubt blow the cover on an otherwise covert operation. Fortunately, Fury had longtime ally Talos and newcomer Sonya Farnsworth on his team, both of whom were far more well-suited as allies. 

As for the threat himself, Gravik was shown to be more clever than other villains. Unlike Ultron or Thanos, who marched out in broad daylight, Gravik is more covert, trying to replace people undercover slowly. In addition to risking them being copied, he could have also tricked them into attacking their own allies or leading them in circles. As such, this is why Fury was aware this had to remain confidential.

Yet another reason for the choice to call the Avengers inappropriate is their inadequacy for the task. In the aftermath of Avengers: Endgame, half of the Avengers were killed or decommissioned, while the rest were scattered to the wind. Additionally, other heroes such as Doctor Strange and Captain Marvel had their own cosmic threats, off-world or not. Therefore, it is unlikely that Fury would even have enough direct ties to muster up a team. 

The Unspoken Rule of Comics  

While we can speculate in-universe reasons why the Avengers weren’t involved, the meta reasons will always remain: that it would be over too quickly. This is a common story principle among writers to preserve drama. Probably the most famous person to describe this rule is filmmaking legend Alfred Hitchcock, who said, “They don’t go to the police because it’s dull.” (Source: Hitchcock/Truffaut, 1966) While this applies to many different stories, Hitchcock meant that it is important to create an engaging and dramatic story rather than a purely realistic one. 

Additionally, within comic book universes, there is the unspoken rule that “Superman stays out of Gotham.” This is one of the many de facto rules that govern superhero universes, in which certain heroes stick to their jurisdictions and will only team up for the biggest emergencies. Usually, this is justified by having stories resolved rather quickly or having others preoccupied. An infamous example of this within the MCU is that none of the nearby heroes have been involved or concerned with the dramatic events of WandaVision.

Within the MCU itself, the separation of the heroes has been jokingly pointed out in both Ant-Man and Spider-Man: Far From Home. However, this rule is not absolute, as The Marvels has shown with Valkyrie’s cameo. What the example of Secret Invasion shows is the difficulty of maintaining such a massive universe. To preserve believability, writers will need to carefully manage the many players and forces on the field and how they interact. 

All episodes of Secret Invasion are available on Disney Plus.

With the conclusion of “Secret Invasion,” many Marvel fans wonder why Nick Fury didn’t call the Avengers.
Image Credit: “Secret Invasion”-Marvel Studios; Directed by Ali Selim, Director of Photography is Remi Adefarasin, and Emilia Clarke stars as G’iah.

Secret Invasion (2023) Official Marvel Entertainment/Disney + Trailer

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