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‘Cult of the Lamb: Sins of the Flesh’ Reveals Release Date in New Trailer

Expect “A Slew of Worldly Pleasures”

Last year, developer Massive Monster and publisher Devolver Digital ignited a fiery anticipation for the new Cult of the Lamb’s Sins of the Flesh update. Finally, the January 16 release date has been revealed — and it promises “a slew of worldly pleasures.”

A Treasure Trove of Shiny New Features

A treasure trove of enticements awaits gamers including: “gluttonous meals, vain buildings and wrathful doctrines.” The Sins of the Flesh community boasts exclusivity — as one can form their very own inner circle of “Disciples.” 

Additionally, the new update introduces shiny poops, which is exactly what it sounds like. These excretory trinkets grow crops and add more power to one’s broom, which aids in expediting tasks.

Indulging in self-care is in style right now and it’s commendable that this video game is trying to spread this message to the masses. For example, the Janitor Station and Storage Structures introduce a self-care level, designed for followers to take part in this new-age ritual.

Furthermore, players will be able to use the new Blunderbuss weapon — upping the ante for one’s quests. This new weapon can be charged for a more forceful offensive strategy by engaging in long-range sniping to eliminate adversaries from a distance.

But this lustful world isn’t just limited to self-care and artfully picking off one’s enemies since players can also get dressed to the nines. Each Disciple can head down to the new Tailor building — (not to be confused with a Taylor Swift building, which is a stadium packed chock full of crying women) — and they can choose from 23 clothing styles.

The Miracle of Life

If fashion and other hedonistic pursuits aren’t enticing enough, one can elect to become a parent without the real-life responsibility. In this virtual playground, it simply involves: locating an egg, hatching it, rearing the unsuspecting creature, and then indoctrinating the beloved offspring into their cult. However, please don’t attempt this in real life, as it’s generally frowned upon to groom kids into a cult — no matter how cool that cult really is.

Finally, the DLC is promising one last thrilling reserve for the bank — the Steam version will have a 40% discount from January 16 to the 23rd. Be sure to save up for it. it’s best to just lie to one’s spouse and pretend the money is for their child’s education program.

Experience Sins of the Flesh on PC via Stream, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, or the Nintendo Switch.

Cult of the Lamb – Sins of the Flesh Xbox Release Date Trailer

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