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Chad Stahelskis’ Next Film Is ‘Highlander’ Reboot

There Can Be Only One

On Tuesday, January 16, director Chad Stahelski announced that his next feature will be a reboot of Highlander (1986). Currently, Henry Cavill is attached to the reboot film with the John Wick director at the helm.

Everything Known About The Highlander Reboot 

In a statement released via Variety, Stahleski went on record saying, “I am pleased to be able to grow my relationship with Lionsgate in this new oversight role for the ‘John Wick’ universe and its further expansion. ‘John Wick’ is so close to my heart and to be able to continue shepherding it will be a blast for me. I’m so happy to also be launching another franchise with ‘Highlander,’ a world that is so rich with engaging stories to be told.” 

Aside from Lionsgate disturbing and Chad Stahelski, the Highlander reboot will have Neal H. Moritz as producer with him and Stahelski working with the estate of the late Highlander producer, Peter S. Davis. It is unknown who the writers will be and as of now, the only confirmed cast member is Henry Cavill, though it is unclear whether he will be playing Connor or portraying a new character entirely. The filmmakers are aiming to start production this year but the release date is currently unknown.

Henry Cavil as Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher | Image Courtest of Katalin Vermes/Netflix

The History of Highlander 

The original Highlander follows a Scotsman known as Connor MacLeod (Christopher Lambert) who, for reasons unknown, is immortal along with many others. The only way for an immortal to die is if their head is decapitated by another immortal, in which case that person will attain the strength and memories of the other person. Once only a few immortals are remaining, they will be drawn together in one location, referred to as “The Gathering”, where they will battle to the death to win the mysterious “prize”.

Based on TheNumbers.com the film underperformed, earning $5.9 million against its $16 million budget; but it still managed to spawn four sequels, four television series, one being an anime, and a video game. The film series eventually started following Duncan McCleod (Adrian Paul), who starred in Highlander: The Series (1992-1998). 

The original Highlander can be found for free on Pluto TV, Peacock, Vudu, Crackle, Amazon Prime Video, Plex, and Freevee.

Highlander 30th Anniversary Official Studiocanal Trailer

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