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Mr. Beast And Amazon In Talks For Competition Series

There may be a deal between MrBeast and Amazon in the works.

The Creator From North Carolina Could Be Expanding His Content Even Further With Amazon

James Stephen “Jimmy” Donaldson, known by his online name MrBeast, is said to have a reality competition deal in the cards with Amazon Prime Video. While Variety has confirmed the talks of the deal, other details, including title and plot specifics, are unknown as of now. There has been very limited commentary on the deal, as both Amazon and representatives of MrBeast have stayed silent. However, fans should know that the format of the show being discussed will not be a surprise. In fact, it will most likely be similar to his hit videos, consisting of YouTube challenges with monetary rewards and more. Some of his most popular videos include “$456,000 Squid Game In Real Life!”, “Last To Leave Circle Wins $500,000,” and “Ages 1 – 100 Fight For $500,000,” all of which gathered more than 320 million views each. 

MrBeast: An Overview

As of January 2024, MrBeast has 234 million subscribers on his YouTube channel @MrBeast, with 41.8 billion total views.

There may be a deal in the works between MrBeast and Amazon.

He has been active since 2012 and posts content largely related to cash prize contests, entertainment videos, and gaming vlogs. As the individual creator on YouTube who currently carries the most followers, Amazon can likely rely on him to generate success for the possible show being discussed due to his large and loyal fanbase. With this large fanbase also comes large earnings.  According to Forbes, he is the highest-paid internet creator with an estimated $82 million in gross earnings. 

While the 25-year-old creator from North Carolina is most largely known for his internet content, he has participated in other business and philanthropic ventures. He founded MrBeast Burger in December 2020, a virtual restaurant with several physical locations. Aside from his culinary venture, he also founded the food brand Feastables in January 2022, which consists of products such as chocolate, cookies, and gummies. In addition to his food ventures, he has engaged in philanthropic efforts such as co-creating Team Trees, a tree-planting fundraiser, and Team Seas, a fundraiser for the Ocean Conservancy and The Ocean Cleanup. 

Stay tuned to Dead Talk News to see if MrBeast’s deal with Amazon will be confirmed. 

There may be a deal in the works between MrBeast and Amazon.
Image courtesy of MrBeast.

Protect $500,000. Keep It! (2024) Official MrBeast Video

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