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‘Road House’ Trailer Drops

Jake Gyllenhaal as Dalton in Road House Courtesy of Prime Video

A New Small Town Hero

Sick and tired of the constant slew of remakes and reboots that have overrun modern media?  Want something original and unlike anything you’ve ever seen? Too bad because a new trailer just dropped for the remake of Patrick Swayze’s cult classic Road House (1989).

Ain’t That A Kick In The Head?

Starring Jake Gyllenhaal, everyone’s favorite jarhead, this remake aims to be a modernized take on the classic. Gyllenhaal plays an ex-UFC fighter who becomes a bouncer for a roadhouse in Florida. Ever heard of the term “less is more?” Well, the marketing team behind this film certainly didn’t, as the trailer (which is just shy of three minutes) seemingly shows the entirety of the film. The trailer introduces Dalton, how he ends up as a bouncer, and what looks to be the film’s climax. This isn’t an exaggeration either; there hasn’t been a trailer this spoiler-ridden since the trailer for Cast Away. Going off of the trailer alone, viewers can expect plenty of explosions and high octane action.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Connor McGregor in Road House Courtesy of Prime Video

Identity Crisis

If this were a trailer for a new, original movie, then things would be looking pretty good. Explosions and famous names like Conor McGregor providing fighting expertise would be undeniably cool. Seeing as how this is a remake, however, the trailer will leave fans of the original with an off-putting feeling. While the original had its share of high-octane action and a final showdown, this remake comes off more as an attempt at making a Fast & Furious rip-off than a modernized version of the Swayze classic. Based on the trailer, the story beats seem to all be the same, but something about potential delivery might not work when everything is said and done. Despite being a trailer, the two-minute and fifty-second video somehow manages to spoil the entire movie. 

The film, which is directed by Doug Liman and distributed by Amazon MGM studios, is set to stream on Amazon on March 21, 2024.

Jake Gyllenhaal in Road House Courtesy of Prime Video

Official Road House Trailer

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