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Reikon Games Lays Off 80% of Employees

The game studio Reikon, the developers of the isometric shooter “Ruiner,” has laid off up to 80% of its staff.

Reikon Becomes the Latest Layoff in the Gaming Industry

After a year of massive layoffs, the trend has continued to 2024. The latest victim is developer Reikon, creator of the isometric shooter Ruiner.

Reikon Dissolves its Workforce 

According to IGN, the game studio Reikon has laid off about 60-70 workers, totaling 80% of its staff. This was verified by several subsequent posts across social media from those laid off and by comments from Reikon’s staff. Reikon is best known as the developer of the top-down isometric shooter Ruiner, which has been fairly popular. This news will inevitably come as a disappointment to fans of Ruiner. Furthermore, the layoffs from Reikon are only the latest in a massive and destructive trend across the video game industry.  Reikon’s headline serves as one of the first signs that this will continue into 2024. 

What Are Reikon Games?

For those unaware, Reikon Games is a relatively new video game company based in Warsaw, Poland, and founded in 2014. Their first game was the isometric shooter Ruiner, which received commercial and critical success in 2017.

The game studio Reikon, the developers of the isometric shooter “Ruiner,” has laid off up to 80% of its staff.
“Ruiner;” Image courtesy of Reikon Games.

The story follows a masked shooter trying to rescue his brother in the cyberpunk city of Rengkok. In 2021, Reikon decided to follow up on their success by announcing Codename: Final Form during the Summer Games Fest. However, there has been minimal follow-up on this announcement. With these extensive layoffs, the future of the game and the rest of the company is uncertain at best.

The Latest In A Worrying Trend 

For those who have been following the news, Reikon’s layoffs are hardly surprising. Over the past few months, dozens of video game companies have laid off huge portions of their staff. A handful of examples are BioWare, Naughty Dog, Telltale, and Epic Games. What was once a shocking piece of news from a company has become commonplace. While not on the scale of Reikon’s, many of these layoffs were still massive in scope and certainly affected their ability to maintain their workforce. As just one more name on the list, this is a dark omen for the gaming industry.

Ruiner is available on Steam. 

The game studio Reikon, the developers of the isometric shooter “Ruiner,” has laid off up to 80% of its staff.
“Codename Final Form;”
Image courtesy of Reikon Games

Ruiner (2017) Official PlayStation Trailer- Reikon Games

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