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What If MCU Hulk Fought Monsterverse Kong?

A Fight Between Two Powerhouses

Undoubtedly, some of the most powerful characters in cinema usually end up being a superhero or a monster. For years, fans have been asking the age-old question of whether Goku could ever defeat Superman or if Godzilla could defeat King Kong. But what about a crossover where a monster fights a superhero? That’s right; this article will explore whether one of the most legendary monsters has what it takes to snuff out an equally legendary superhero. 

Today’s matchup involves King Kong from Legendary’s Monsterverse against Hulk from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Both are incredibly strong in their own right and certainly seem powerful enough to challenge each other. But who would be the victor in a fight to the death? Could one of them easily overpower the other, or would it end up in a draw? Perhaps a look at each of their feats, weaponry, history, and any other fighting attributes can help determine the answer.  

Hulk (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

If someone was asked to name some of the most powerful superheroes they know, there is more than likely a chance that The Incredible Hulk would make it on their list. The Hulk is renowned for being among Marvel’s most popular superheroes, often associated with working with or against the Avengers. In the MCU, he hasn’t exactly reached the cosmic levels of power his comic book counterpart has, but that does not mean he does not have his own list of impressive feats. The Hulk first made his MCU appearance in the first Avengers movie. From this film alone, he was able to stand his ground against the likes of Thor and even stop a Leviathan (the giant floating whale-looking creature from Thanos’ army) in its tracks with one punch. He also showed abilities like his iconic super jump and his thunderclap that can send shockwaves. 

In Avengers: Age of Ultron, a rampaging Hulk also held his own against the Hulkbuster, an enormous mecha suit similar to the Iron Man suit equipped with lasers, repulsors, a rocket launcher, and the ability to summon more armor. This fight also showed how anger plays a significant factor in Hulk’s strength, as the angrier he gets, the stronger he gets. In Thor: Ragnarok, Hulk had a rematch against Thor on Sakar, this time proving he was intelligent enough to use items like a large ax, hammer, and armor. While both seemed to be pretty even in strength, Hulk suffered some heavy damage due to an awakened Thor’s lightning powers. Later on, he was able to take out Hela’s large pet, the Fenris Wolf. He even stunned Surtur, a fire demon as tall as 1,000 feet (304 meters). This is probably where the Hulk peaked, as his appearances in Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame proved he was unable to overpower the Mad Titan, Thanos, on his own. 

Monsterverse Kong 

In 2010, Warner Bros. and Legendary rebooted the Monsterverse and introduced their own vat of film adaptations, including movies like Godzilla, Godzilla vs Kong, and Kong: Skull Island. So, to avoid confusion for the sake of this matchup, this article will cover Kong’s feats from the Monsterverse. The first film that Kong makes an appearance in from the Monsterverse is Kong: Skull Island. In this film, Kong was only a teenager and was as large as 104 feet (31.7 m). Here, he was able to take on multiple Skullcrawlers, large amphibian creatures with only two forelimbs, serpentine tails, and razor-sharp teeth. These creatures range from 12-95 feet (3-28 m), with the largest one almost as big as Kong himself. During one of his face-offs with these creatures, the ape proved himself resourceful. He used tree trunks, chains, and a propeller from an old shipwreck as a weapon to choke and lacerate the creature.

Mark Ruffalo as Hulk in “Thor: Ragnarök” | Image: Disney/Marvel

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Kong was also able to fend off a Mire Squid that was 27-33 meters long while his right arm was severely injured. In Godzilla vs Kong, Kong is an adult and has grown to 335 feet (119.8 m), making him only 55 feet shorter than Godzilla. While he initially struggled to defeat the G-man himself at the beginning, he was later given a greater advantage with an ax he found in the Hollow Earth. Using this weapon, he was able to deal heavier damage to Godzilla and even use the ax head to absorb his atomic breath. Later, he aided Godzilla in taking down Mechagodzilla, a robotic man-made version of Godzilla that is much more agile and can use repulsors, missiles, and a much stronger version of the atomic breath. 

Who Would Win?  

To keep this a fair fight, let’s say it takes place on the planet Titan (from Infinity War), a place unfamiliar to both contestants. So, after looking deeper into their feats, history, fighting experience, and attributes, who would be the victor in a fight to the death? In terms of brute strength, it’s the Hulk. Why? 

Although Kong is much larger compared to Hulk (his 335 feet to Hulk’s 8’5”), the size factor doesn’t do much for Kong here. Remember that Hulk was able to kill a Leviathan with one punch, which is easily a couple hundred feet and weighed 3 million tons! Moreover, he was able to briefly stun Surtur, who is leagues taller than Kong at 1,000 feet tall. Additionally, his smaller size would grant him a distinct advantage, as he would be able to dodge Kong’s attacks more easily. Also, the angrier Hulk gets, the stronger he gets, which means he has an infinite amount of potential to become stronger. Kong is famously known for holding his own against beasts as large or even larger than him. But Kong’s strength can only go so far and has shown to have its limits. While he was able to take down the Skullcrawlers in Skull Island, he struggled to break free from some chains he stumbled into from a shipwreck. In Godzilla vs Kong, he had the same struggle with a US warship when Godzilla confronted him. 

But what about intelligence? Both have shown signs of intelligence, but Kong has proven to be more resourceful. Without the ax, Kong may find a way to even the odds using his environment around him to get higher ground or construct a makeshift weapon. This places Kong as the victor, as Hulk isn’t that smart (discounting Professor Hulk), and he is more brawn than brains, so this could be a big disadvantage to him. And finally, how about with weapons? With Hulk’s armor, ax, and hammer from Ragnarok and Kong’s ax from Godzilla vs Kong, it’s a stalemate. While Kong doesn’t have any armor, it wouldn’t be too difficult for him to disarm Hulk, but he wouldn’t be fast enough with his ax to do any serious damage to Hulk. 


Both Kong and Hulk are powerful characters in their own right, but depending on several factors, the fight could go either way. If Kong was prepared, quick, and able to find a way to either handicap, trap, or make use of his environment, he might be able to stand a chance against Hulk. If both were using weapons and Hulk had his armor, it’s difficult to say how the situation would turn out. Kong’s large ax could give him leverage enough to knock Hulk’s hammer and ax out of his hands, but would it be enough to pierce his armor? Lastly, in a situation where both are fighting with just their bare fists, Hulk would be the clear winner. Hulk has no trouble facing off against opponents twice his size or even extremely bigger than him. His super jump is too great of an advantage.

Kong in “Godzilla vs Kong” | Image: Warner Bros

Godzilla vs. Kong (2021) Official Warner Brothers Trailer

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