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Dev Patel Is on a Quest to Avenge His Murdered Mother in Trailer For ‘Monkey Man’

Dev Patel in Monkey Man Courtesy of Universal

John Wick-Like Action Mixed With Hindu Mythology

An action-packed film with hints of Hindu mythology embedded into the storyline? Dev Patel has once again brought such a unique and exciting project to the screen for viewers to enjoy. 

Half Monkey-Half Man 

Recently, Universal Pictures released the first trailer for Dev Patel’s new film and directional debut, Monkey Man. Monkey Man—in which Patel plays the lead role—is a mix of John Wick-like action with heavy influences from Hindu Mythology, especially the deity Hanuman. The hard-hitting and gritty fight scenes revealed in the trailer are similar to other films like The Raid: Redemption, starring Iko Uwais.  

Patel’s character was stated as “an unlikely hero who emerges from prison to take on a world enmeshed in corporate greed and eroding spiritual values.” The core of the story, however, centers on Patel’s character on a quest to avenge his murdered mother. 

Dev Patel has his hands in many aspects of this film. He is making his directorial debut with Monkey Man, wrote the story for the film, stars as the lead character, and developed the screenplay with Paul Angunawela and John Collee.

A scene from Monkey Man Courtesy of Universal

From Netflix to Theaters 

Some fans may have been confused when hearing that Monkey Man would be released in theaters rather than on Netflix. Back in 2018, when Monkey Man was first announced, it took time for it to take off. Around 2021, reports online claimed Netflix would acquire the worldwide rights to the film for $30 million. The initial release date for the project would be around 2022. However, the trailer clearly says that Universal Pictures is the one who eventually acquired the rights.

Jordan Peele’s production company, Monkeypaw, joined the project. Others reported that the switch from Netflix to Universal Pictures was due to Peele seeing the movie and felt that it deserved a theatrical release. Thus, Monkey Man will be released in theaters on April 5. 

A photo of Dev Patel Courtest of Getty Images

Official Universal Monkey Man Trailer

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