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What’s Streaming On Shudder In February

What's Streaming On Shudder In February

The New and the Old Will Meet This Valentine’s Season for Horror Fans

Horror fans will be receiving some extra love this Valentine’s season as Shudder releases what films will be entering their catalog come February 2024. The lineup will bring some fresh content to the service. Along with recent releases and horror lover classics, there will be two exclusive films releasing on the streaming service coming next month. 

Shudder as a Streaming Service 

As described in a Rolling Stone article from 2022, Shudder is an on demand streaming service, owned by AMC Networks, that focuses on horror, thriller, and the supernatural. As well as showing classic horror movie favorites, the service also provides documentaries, fresh releases, and original content. Since its origin in 2016, Shudder is now available on most devices so that film lovers can watch their favorites anywhere at any time with a subscription. For some, it’s just another streaming service to provide extra content for viewing, while to others it’s a provider of hidden gem films that tend to not get shown much to the mainstream.

What's Streaming On Shudder In February
Dario Argento in 'Dario Argento Panico' (2023) | Image courtesy of Paguro Film

What’s Coming

Thanks to Get Your Comic On, there is now a detailed list of films coming out this February. The films releasing February 1st include Django, Manhattan Baby, New York Ripper, Who Saw Her Die?, Sorority House Massacre, and Day of the Dead. February 19th will bring Megalomaniac, Deathstalker, and Deathstalker 2.

The two exclusive films coming to the horror streaming service will be Dario Argento: Panico, and History of Evil. Dario Argento: Panico follows Dario, the director of Suspiria (1977), as he returns to the seclusion of the hotel rooms that brought him creative inspiration. As a look back on the iconic director’s life, it is for sure a must-watch for fans of his films. History of Evil follows a family from a near future world as they hide from the corrupt government in a safehouse. However, the sinister acts of the world follow them inside. 

Subscription plans for Shudder can be seen on their website for horror fans to start their next movie binge watch.

What's Streaming On Shudder In February
Alexandre Delli Colli in 'The New York Ripper' (1982) | Image courtesy of Fulvia Film

Dario Argento Panico (2023) Official Shudder Trailer

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