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Taylor Sheridan’s ‘Landman’ Adds New Cast Members

Taylor Sheridan | Image Copyright David Becker/Getty Images | Town and Country Magazine

Sheridan Hires Some Familiar Faces

It seems that a new series from creator Taylor Sheridan is released every few weeks.

As the writer, director, and producer continues to create new shows, it calls into question how he needs more time to juggle all of the series and films with which he works.


From his successful Yellowstone series and its various spinoffs to his other popular shows like Mayor of Kingstown and Tulsa King, to even his recently debuted series Special Ops: Lioness it seems as if the man has enough on his plate already.

However, Sheridan has yet another big series coming on the horizon titled Landman. Billy Bob Thornton has already been cast as the lead. More details revolving around the series have been scarce until now, with four of Sheridan’s regular actors being added to the series.

Shifting away from the crime world of cowboys and gangsters, Landman explores the world of oil rigs in a modern tale of fortune-seeking. Set in west Texas, the series is based on the podcast Boomtown, which details those fueling the oil industry as well as the geopolitical, economic, and climate impact of the industry. 

Other details, such as plot and character descriptions, are being kept under wraps.

New cast members

Billy Bob Thorton has been attached to Landman since its inception, with Ali Larter, Michelle Randolph, and Jacob Lofland cast as series regulars.

Recently, Kayla Wallace, Mark Collie, and Paulina Chávez have been added to the cast in yet-to-be-identified roles. Along with those three actors, the persistent collaborator of Sherdian, James Jordan, has also been cast in Landman

Fans of the Yellowstone creator will recognize Jordan, as he has appeared in numerous projects with Sheridan. His first collaboration with Sheridan was in his 2017 film Wind River, followed by 2021’s Those Who Wish Me Dead. Jordan has also made appearances in Sheridan’s series Yellowstone, its prequel 1883, Mayor of Kingstown, and recently in Special Ops: Lioness. Landman will mark the actor’s seventh time working alongside Sheridan. 

Yellowstone is currently streaming on Peacock.

Yellowstone Exclusive Paramount Teaser Trailer 

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