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The Man, The Myth, The Frog Humanoid Legend – ‘Frogman’ Trailer Puts an Unusual Spin on Found Footage Genre

Catch a Glimpse of this Mysterious Entity

“It’s not easy being green,” Kermit the Frog once said. But this isn’t about the most famous frog of all time, nor does it involve the classic The Frog and Toad series that features a bromance between different amphibian species. No, instead of going on heartwarming adventures, like fishing, the only thing frog/humanoid, “Frogman,” is fishing for — is a whole lot of blood.

Anthony Cousins’ feature directorial debut had its world premiere at Popcorn Frights last August, and since then, horror enthusiasts have been desperately trying to catch a glimpse of this mysterious entity. Now, Bloody Disgusting reports that Rue Morgue has released the trailer for this found footage film.

What is a ‘Found Footage’ Film?

The term “Found Footage” may be a bit confusing to those unfamiliar with the genre. No, this isn’t referring to one’s parents locating old VHS tapes of one’s embarrassing childhood to show one’s boyfriend. “Found footage” is a genre of film where the story is presented as though people have discovered nonfiction video content, as artfully done in The Blair Witch Project (1999) about the three hapless documentarians who trespass on haunted burial grounds.

It’s worth noting that the final scene in that masterpiece, where the woman looks into the camera and says, “I’m so sorry,” could have arguably been the first selfie, albeit a very unattractive selfie, as the lighting is poor, and she’s about to die.

‘Frogman’ | Image Credit: Bloody Disgusting

What is ‘Frogman?’

Frogman is a blend of the species — frog and human — who live deep in the woods in Loveland, Ohio. It’s a “cryptid” — in pop culture, the best example being “Sasquatch” or “Big Foot.” Overall, cryptids are enigmatic creatures that can’t quite be pinned down.

Moreover, in Frogman’s homeland of Loveland, it’s become a mascot, like Bigfoot is to the Pacific Northwest. And like some introverts, it goes on solo treks in the woods and refuses to be photographed.

What’s the Plot?

According to Dread Central, the plot features a young boy, Dallas, who films Frogman and, after that, grows obsessed with trying to prove that the footage isn’t made up. When Dallas is in his thirties, he teams up with a couple of friends, Amy and Scotty, and they make a documentary to solidify that the creature exists once and for all.

Bloody Disgusting reports that Frogman is “Lovecraftian” in nature and cites Meagan Navarro’s review from Popcorn Frights 2023 as a reason to check it out. Navarro describes how, even though the project falls back on some found footage tropes, like those seen in The Blair Witch Project, the amazing creature SFX effects supersede all flaws.

Beefing up, the amphibian-inspired cast includes actors Nathan Tymoshuk, Chelsey Grant, Benny Barrett, and Justen Jones.

Where to Catch a Glimpse of ‘Frogman’

On March 8th, Frogman will be hopping onto VOD outlets, and Rotting Press will be releasing the film on VHS on February 9th. That’s right — VHS. Therefore, it’s time to reconnect with your Gen X friends and Boomer parents so you can borrow their VCR to watch this green and gory spectacle.

‘Frogman’ | Image Credit: YouTube

Frogman (2023) Official Feral Child Films

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