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‘Anyone But You’ Surpasses $150 Million Box Office Mark on a $25 Million Dollar Budget

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A Surprise for Every Rom-Com Fan

In a surprising twist, the romantic comedy movie Anyone But You has surpassed everyone’s expectations and achieved remarkable success at the global box office. Despite being rated R and belonging to a genre that was losing popularity, the film has managed to gross over $150 million worldwide. In this article, we will delve into the reasons behind this film’s unexpected triumph and how it has impacted the careers of its talented stars, Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell.

The Big Picture

Taking a broader perspective, Anyone But You is an impressive production by Sony that has defied all odds to become a sensation at the box office. Although it had a somewhat modest opening in December, it has since gained momentum by maintaining strong audience interest and receiving exceptional reviews. While opinions about the film may be mixed among critics, its audience score remains consistently high, indicating a strong connection with viewers.


After being released for 45 days now, Anyone But You has successfully crossed the $150 million milestone globally. In domestic markets alone, it has earned an impressive $76 million with an additional expected income of $3.5 million in its seventh weekend. Moreover, overseas markets have also shown great enthusiasm for the movie, as it grossed an impressive $75 million internationally. It’s worth noting that Anyone But You has gained significant popularity in Australia, the U.K., and Germany, generating box office revenues of $13 million, $11 million, and $8 million, respectively.

The Journey of the Director

Director Will Gluck, known for his previous successful works like Easy A and Friends with Benefits, has also experienced the positive outcomes of Anyone But You. Gluck, who had transitioned to directing the Peter Rabbit movies, has found renewed success in the romantic comedy genre with this latest film. The triumph of Anyone But You speaks volumes about Gluck’s ability to connect with audiences and deliver enjoyable films.

Surpassing the Competition

Now, Anyone But You aims to surpass two major romantic comedies of the post-pandemic era, Ticket to Paradise and The Lost City, which earned worldwide revenues of $172 million and $192 million, respectively. With a reported budget of $25 million, the film is well-positioned to continue its success and potentially exceed a domestic box office milestone of $100 million.

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Sydney Sweeny and Glen Powell in 'Anyone but You' (2023) | Image: Sony Pictures

Critical Response

While critical reviews for Anyone But You have been mixed (earning a 52% score on Rotten Tomatoes), it has received considerably higher praise from audiences with an 87% audience score. Collider’s Maggie Boccella commended Glen Powell for his delightful performance but expressed disappointment with Sydney Sweeney, noting that she seemed somewhat distant in almost every scene. Despite the mixed reviews, the movie’s strong reception among viewers stands as evidence of its ability to establish a connection with audiences.


Anyone But You has surpassed expectations and emerged as a box office hit, earning over $150 million globally with just a $25 million budget. The film’s success has propelled Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell into stardom while cementing Will Gluck’s reputation as a skilled director. As it continues its remarkable journey, Anyone But You aims to surpass other romantic comedies in the post-pandemic era. This triumph exemplifies the enduring allure of the genre and demonstrates how a well-crafted romantic comedy can captivate audiences worldwide.

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Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney in 'Anyone but You' (2023) | Image: Sony Pictures

Anyone but You (2023) Sony Pictures Official Trailer

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