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Dicks: The Musical (2023): A Review

"Dicks: The Musical" follows the reunion of twins separated at birth who try to get their family back together while exploring how love comes in all forms. Nathan Lane stars as Harris, Aaron Jackson as Trevor, Josh Sharp as Craig, Megan Mullally as Evelyn, Bowen Yang as God, Megan Thee Stallion as Gloria.

A Whirlwind Comedy On How ‘Love Is Love!’

When Dicks: The Musical was announced, a lot of people had many questions. With a cast including Bowen Yang, Megan Mullaly, and Megan Thee Stallion, eyebrows were raised since these people have nothing in common with each other. However, the musical comedy was being produced by A24, the resident “arthouse” production company, so many people were interested to see what the musical would actually entail. Would the movie be weird and trippy like so many of the other movies produced by A24? Would the movie be insightful and thought-provoking through unconventional methods? Put simply, it would be a resounding “yes” to both questions. Well, sort of, anyway.

“Dicks” Isn’t Exactly All About Dicks…

Think about this movie as The Parent Trap (1988) but with “straight” adult men. The movie starts with God (played by Bowen Yang) narrating the story of Craig (played by Josh Sharp) and Trevor (played by Aaron Jackson), who, unbeknownst to them, are twins separated at birth. These two share not only the same physical characteristics, but they’re also both womanizing and misogynistic salesmen for the same product. So when their companies undergo a merger, they meet for the first time and find in each other someone who understands the pains they’ve experienced growing up in a single-parent home. This leads them to swap places and try to convince their parents that they need to get back together: Parent Trap style!

However, not everything was as smooth sailing as the Parent Trap. Craig swapped places with Trevor and went to meet their mom, Evelyn (played by Megan Mullaly), for the first time, but to his horror, she turned out to be an eccentric recluse with (and get this) a vagina that had fallen off. Meanwhile, Trevor swaps places with Craig and meets their father, Harris (played by Nathan Lane), for the time, and while he was hoping for a more “macho” man, he finds out that his father is a newly out gay man who has two mutants called “Sewer Boys.” Yes, you heard that correctly.

Still, the twins continue to go through with their plan. Through many trials and tribulations (kidnapping and adventuring through the sewers were involved), the twins, Evelyn and Harris, find that love comes in different shapes and sizes. While they aren’t the conventional nuclear family, they accept that as long as they have each other, they’ll always be family. 

While the overall meaning of the movie was made clear, there were times when the plot did seem to go off on its tangents.

"Dicks: The Musical" comedy follows the reunion of twins separated at birth who try to get their family back together while exploring how love comes in all forms. Aaron Jackson stars as Trevor, Josh Sharp as Craig, and Bowen Yang as God.
Aaron Jackson stars as Trevor, Josh Sharp as Craig, and Bowen Yang as God. Photo courtesy of A24 and Chernin Entertainment.

The absurdity of elements like Evelyn’s detached vagina and Harris’ Sewer Boys were heavily emphasized at times and detracted away from the main plot of the movie. The end of the movie (no spoilers!) was also a moment where the message was clear as day, but the absurdity of the actual events occurring was where it got lost on many. 

However, Dicks: The Musical has all the elements of a gay cult classic in the making, with the LGBTQ themes and the satirical musical numbers throughout, and even though it hasn’t rippled many waves during its release, this is the type of movie you’d revisit whenever you’re feeling like watching a fever dream with catchy songs. 

The Voices Behind The Alood Musical Numbers

This movie is based off of a two-man musical called F***ing Identical Twins starring Josh Sharp and Aaron Jackson themselves, and they wrote the script for the movie adaption for it as well. The ironic thing about their characters is that these two are gay men in reality, but in the movie, they play straight, misogynistic men, which adds to the comedy of the film. 

With the rest of the supporting cast, everyone performed exceptionally well. Megan Mullally had an amazing showcase of her vocal abilities in her musical numbers, and her voice with Nathan Lane’s was complimented, as shown in their duets together. Bowen Yang’s performance as God is to be noted with his commentary throughout the film, from his final scene to the movie’s end. Considering that this is one of his more mainstream performances in Hollywood, this movie will be a considerable notch in his belt. 

Another performance that stood out in the movie was Megan Thee Stallion’s. Before this movie, she had a cameo in the Marvel TV show She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, which was one of her first appearances on television playing herself. However, in this film, she’s playing businesswoman Gloria, Craig and Trevor’s boss. She’s portrayed as a successful woman who knows what she wants and, most of all believes that it should be a woman’s world, not a man’s. Her musical number, “Out Alpha the Alpha,” was one of the more memorable musical numbers of the movie, and it showcased her versatility as both a musical actress and a rapper.  

Not Too Shabby for A24’s First Musical!

The final rating of this film is a good 3 out of 5. The movie does a solid job of creating and developing complex characters (even if they are surface-level misogynists) and furthering the plot using wild ideas that stand out and hold up to the movie’s originality. However, these said plot devices sometimes went too overboard and threw the plot to the side at times, which took away from the movie’s meaning. 

"Dicks: The Musical" comedy follows the reunion of twins separated at birth who try to get their family back together while exploring how love comes in all forms. Megan Thee Stallion stars as Gloria.
Megan Thee Stallion stars as Gloria. Photo courtesy of A24 and Chernin Entertainment.

Dicks: The Musical (2023) Official A24 Trailer

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